Amouranth on Twitch hot tub meta “not age-appropriate”

Most watched female streamer on Twitch “Amouranth” hits back on claims about hot tub meta is “not age-appropriate,”. Amouranth and Indiefoxx gained a huge fan following with their Hot Tub streams recently.

Amouranth said with other scenarios that would be also inappropriate for a 13-year-old, doing GTA RP streams, on video streaming platform Twitch. On the other side Viewers & Streamers are still not happy with the current meta of Twitch, xQc is totally against it, while others like Valkyrae don’t see what the drama is all about. Pokimane thinks Twitch should be blamed more than anyone else.

Amouranth Hot Tub stream

Amouranth responded and claimed it’s a “ridiculous” test that can be applied to all kinds of different scenarios on the platform, not just hot tub streams.

Amouranth Twitter

The “imagine if a 13-year-old did it” litmus test for if it should be allowed on twitch is ridiculous, Hypothetically put a “13-year-old streamer” in settings you often find other big streamers In – it all feels inappropriate. Imagine a 13-year-old streamer sitting in on.


Imagine a 13 year old drinking or smoking on stream etc, imagine a 13 year old “questing” in the way the term used to be used on twitch. Even in GTA role play you’d have to water it down a ton in certain situations if you knew a 13yo was present

Amouranth's take on the issue has fans divided. Some are with the current Hot Tub meta and some wated Twitch to take action against this.

Let’s see when Twitch makes an official statement on the issue to clarify or change the rules once again.

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