Amouranth could be her own streaming category on Twitch,

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has become so popular on Twitch she could be her own streaming category, with new stats revealing she overshadows other stars like Pokimane and SadDummy by more than a million watching hours.

The ways Amouranth rakes in her viewers may not always win her friends, but the popular 27-year-old Twitch star has well and truly found a winning formula.

According to the latest data pulled from Twitch analytics, provided to Dexerto by StreamElements via, the oft-controversial streamer now chalks up more than three million hours watched every month. The huge hours blow her rivals like Pokimane (1.7m) and SadDummy (1.5m) out of the water.

Amouranth is so popular, she could almost be her very own streaming category on the platform. Every new category she touches hits record highs, from hot tubs and board games, to her infamous ASMR stint and more.

Siragusa has most recently bounced between Hots Tubs & Pools, ASMR, and Just Chatting, with each boasting a huge surge in stats when she does.

⁠Amouranth knows exactly what she has in the palm of her hand too. She may spend hours and hours every day licking microphones, silently playing twister, and swimming in hot tubs on Twitch, but it’s all for an end goal.

Amouranth’s spot as the veritable queen of Twitch has been set in stone for most of the calendar year now. In September she had triple the viewing numbers of the next closest star, averaging over 12,000 viewers each stream.

The controversial streaming star’s lofty heights stats-wise on Twitch is still massively overshadowed by her male counterparts, however. Siragusa may have clocked up 3.1 million hours watched last month, but that still leaves her more than two million hours behind the top ten list, which is all male streamers.

The recent Twitch earnings leaks revealed Amouranth’s immense fanbase has translated into around $1.3m in payouts for the 27-year-old since 2019.

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