Amouranth’s Invitation: Twitch Simps, Become My Boyfriend

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is regarded as the most-watched female streamer on Twitch; however, her uncanny ability to seemingly effortlessly milk simps of their money often goes uncredited.

Earlier this month, she unveiled her latest business endeavour, Cutie-Patooties, selling “super limited” supplies of jars containing her farts and hot tub bathwater. With multiple revenue streams, ranging from her equity stake in various businesses to her OnlyFans page, it’s no surprise that Amouranth is making a killing off her thirsty internet stans.


The internet star recently revealed another plan to shake up the Twitch meta, offering viewers a chance to become her new boyfriend, with a turnover rate and price tag that presumably makes her thousands of dollars each stream.

Amouranth shows off her new boyfriend to Twitch viewers:

At the start of her 18th March ASMR stream, Amouranth showed off her “new boyfriend,” a mannequin dummy that she found in Los Angeles.

amouranth dummy boyfriend

The dummy was dressed in typical “Chad” attire, complete with a flipped-back baseball cap, collared shirt, and a sign reading “Hello, my name is” on its chest. After the stream started, Amouranth said, “Hey, quit staring at my boyfriend. How f*cking dare you? That’s my man. How f*cking dare you?!”

Amouranth in red bikini top

Later in the stream, Amouranth revealed that she would incorporate the dummy into her stream by inviting viewers to donate and have their names written on the sign so they could, unofficially, become her new boyfriend.

“They’ll be the new boyfriend. They’ll be constantly replaced. I’ll write your name on it,” she explained. While this is not much of a difference from writing her viewers’ names on her body, it presumably won’t be any less effective; well, monetarily, at least.

Admittedly, the irony of Amouranth using a dummy of all things is laughable, especially considering the ridiculous sums of money simps will presumably cough up for the unofficial “boyfriend” title.

In the same breath, though, the people donating money for their name to be written on a dummy is arguably the same people spending hundreds of dollars on her bathwater, so it should hardly be surprising.

Amouranth said that her “boyfriend” would get to watch her sleep and lick microphones during the stream. “He gets to watch me do everything. He’s kind of a cuck, but you know, everyone’s into what they’re into. Some people like to watch,” she added.

Amouranth in black top

While Amouranth lowkey took a jab at her fans, she also subtly roasted fellow Twitch streamer Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker, noting that her dummy somewhat resembled him. “He reminds me of Hasan ’cause his head is too small, but he’s more enjoyable to be around because he actually shuts up.”

Amouranth never fails to surprise me with how creative she is at making money, and I can’t help but praise her apparent ingenuity. Noteworthy, Amouranth has remained secretive about her personal life, especially regarding her love interests and perhaps it’s for good measure.


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