Amouranth instantly shoots to the top of Newly added Twitch Category

Twitch has introduced a new category to its ever-expanding offering of content on the platform, this time for streamers to engage with “Animals, Aquariums, and Zoos”. Surprisingly, the number one female streamer on Twitch, Amouranth, instantly shot to the top of this new category.

It wasn’t so long ago that Twitch only had one category for non-gaming content on Twitch, simply called ‘IRL’ (in real life). There were also ‘Music’ and ‘Talk Shows’, but the majority of non-gaming streams would be in the IRL category.

Amouranth in Pink crop top

Later, Twitch expanded this to include more specific sections, such as ‘Just Chatting’ and ‘ASMR’. Most notably, they added a ‘Pools, Beaches, and Hot Tubs’ category – specifically in response to the Just Chatting section being overwhelmed by bikini-clad streamers in hot tubs.

This category allowed Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, the most famous ‘hot tub streamer’, to exit the Just Chatting section, and top the charts in the new section. With this new animal category, Amouranth went straight to the top again.

Twitch’s new streaming category

The majority of this new category is simply static cameras filming animals such as kittens, otters, or Zoo enclosures, providing a peaceful stream to check out animals just living.

However, Amouranth has been streaming from a horse stable, something she has done numerous times over the past year, meaning this category was set up perfectly for her to dominate another Twitch subsection.

Fellow streamer Esfand joked, “Did they really make a new category for Amouranth [again]? Are you serious? They really made Amouranth a new category again. First hot tubs and now this!”

However, he also praised Amouranth for the smart decision: “New category shows up, immediately streams in the new category. Very good Amouranth,” he said, clapping.

Twitch is often strict about streamers accurately categorizing their content, and will manually move streams in the wrong category. Streamers can also face punishment if they repeatedly miscategorize content.


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