Payal Gaming Exposed: From Anonymous to Sensation – The Untold Journey Revealed

Payal Gaming & all her Social Links

Payal Gaming aka Payal Dhare is one of the most popular female gamers in the country. She is a YouTuber and Esports Player with more than 2.7 Million Subscribers on YouTube. She is best known for playing BGMI, Pubg Mobile, GTA and many more games on her YouTube channel. She lives in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. She’s got a humongous fan following among the gaming community and content creators and without any element of doubt, she’s one of the best gaming streamers in the country.

One of the best streamers in the Indian gaming scene right now is Payal Dhare, popularly known as Payal Gaming. Additionally, Payal began her YouTube experience in March 2019 and immediately began uploading PUBG videos. Later, Payal became known the best streamers in the gaming industry.

Payal Gaming Twitter Handle:

Payal initially began posting PUBG videos to her Payal Gaming YouTube channel. She was encouraged to start streaming by Ghatak, Abhijeet Andhare, who used to play with her in the beginning.

Payal Gaming Instagram Account:

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Later, Payal started streaming and became a member of the Entity team as a content developer. Payal used to execute a variety of chores on her stream to entertain her audience, and she was renowned for her impersonation.

Additionally, when Payal mimicked Jonathan and Aman while completing a task, the audience enjoyed it.

Payal Gaming YouTube Channel:

On her feed, Payal Gaming used to show off elegant PUBG gameplay. As a result, she nearly always attained Conqueror, the highest grade in FPP. Entity Payal is the in-game moniker of Payal in PUBG and Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Payal Gaming Facebook handle:

Payal used to participate in several competitive matches, but she eventually turned her attention to her Youtube channel. She formerly competed in professional competitions on behalf of Entity Gaming’s female team.

Currently, Payal Gaming’s Youtube channel has more than 2.7Million subscribers, and she is very close to the 3 million subscriber mark. Additionally, she has more than 1.6 million Instagram followers. In the next days, her channel will surpass 196,817,163 views as well. She primarily broadcasts video games like GTA V and BGMI.

One of India’s top talent agencies, 8bit Creatives, presently represents Payal Dhare.

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