Xyaa’s Denim Look: Indian Streamer Shagufta Iqbal’s Fashion Statement

Don't know how to style denim? Take cues from India's top female streamer & OG gamer, Shagufta Iqbal herself! 

Shagufta Iqbal aka Xyaa, knows how to turn heads and the YouTube streamer has been doing that for a long time, just seen some of her pics in denims slaying since 2019. The female OG streamer, who enjoys a huge 300K  subscribers on YouTube Gaming, can be seen turning heads with her stunning looks and creating statements of her own style.

Recently, Shagufta is seen slaying in a denim jacket & mini denim skirt at Mumbai Comic Con 2024. If you too want to wear denim, take ideas from your favourite gaming girl Xyaa herself.

Xyaa in Mini Denim Skirt & Jacket

Recently the Streamer along with Ankkita C, Sharkshe, and Payal Gaming joined the Comic-Con event in Mumbai in a proper chic style. For Comic Con 2024 Mumbai, Xyaa preferred a casual yet stylish denim jacket &  mini dress. Keeping her makeup minimal and choosing comfort over style, Xyaa rounded off her look with a pair of trendy hoops and white sneakers. You can check out the pictures below.

Shagufta Iqbal in Black Sheer Top & Denim Jeans

Only Xyaa can pull off denim jackets with a black sheer top and jeans with so much grace. If you want to just keep it casual, you can replicate this look and keep your eyes open. To complete this look, Xyaa preferred matching white sneakers, with a classy watch. If you’re not a white color fan, then pick any other color in its place, Multicolored hairs are the cherry on top.

Xyaa & her Favourite Denim Jacket & Denim Shorts

Shagufta and her love for denim! We know it’s her favorite jacket & she is Nailing the all-denim look, take ideas of this ensemble from the Xyaas below. With a pair of denim shorts, Shagufta opted for a rugged denim jacket and a body-hugging black t-shirt. If you too want to show your washboard abs, then you can copy this look of Shagufta. Pick a pair of denim shorts, throw a rugged denim jacket over your shoulders and you’re good to go.

Xyaa in her Favourite Classic Denim Shorts & Top:

Denim Shorts can never go out of style and if you don’t know how to wear them, take ideas from the streamer herself. Xyaa in denim shorts pictures below. Xyaa sported Denim Shorts with a black & red top. Letting her wavy hair be, the streamer, gamer decided to go jewellery-free and let her attire do all the talking. The simple yet stylish streamer, Shagufta Iqbal opted for filled-in brows, kohl-rimmed eyes, oodles of highlighter, and bold red lipstick. Wouldn’t this look good to go and also perfect for anything?

Shagufta Iqbal sizzled on the Australia and Bali trip

And how can we forget when Xyaa sizzled on the Bali trip? In the photos, Xyaa was snapped wearing a black sports bra which she topped with high-waisted denim shorts and a washed black shirt. Flaunting her abs, the top-tier female streamer of India rounded off her look with loose curls, subtle makeup, and rings. If you want to travel fuss-free, the denim jacket can come to the rescue. Style yourself like Xyaa with shorts (or jeans) and a crop top with a jacket or shirt and you’ll instantly look trip-ready with style. Picture below

So, Xyaa’s which look will you replicate? Do tell us in the comments and stay tuned to TRYHARDSPORTS.COM for more such updates of your favourite Influencers.

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