Inside Mili Kya Mili’s Fun Thailand Trip: 5 Must-Do Activities on Phi Phi Island

Saloni Kandalgaonkar a.k.a. Mili Kya Mili's Thailand trip is worth bookmarking for your next vacay.

Saloni Kandalgaonkar, popularly known as Mili Kya Mili, loves to go on vacations whenever she’s not busy with her streaming work. Recently, the S8ul content creator went to Thailand and had a great time. She shared a series of pictures on Instagram with her 200k followers.

During her stay in the tropical country, she cooled off by taking a dip in a pool and enjoying the view of an illuminated lantern-lit sky while reading a book. She also drank some fruity beverages and iced coffee to keep herself refreshed in the scorching heat. As part of her ‘things-to-do when in Thailand’ list, Mili Kya Mili also frolicked in the blue waters of the sea. Being a fitness enthusiast, all her pictures are worth checking out.

Mili Kya Mili’s vacation in Thailand looks exciting, wouldn’t you say? If you’re planning a trip to the country soon and want to enjoy some unique activities, take a look at these offbeat things to do:

Mili Kya Mili in Phi Phi Island: Phuket

If you’re looking to experience the perfect Indiana Jones moment, then a visit to the Phraya Nakhon Cave is a must. The cave features a small opening through which a ray of gushing sunlight passes through, creating a surreal vision of illuminating stalagmites and stalactites. After your cave exploration, you can also visit the nearby Bang Pu village.

Treepod Restaurant

Located on Koh Kood Island, there is a unique restaurant that is shaped like an egg and made of bamboo. To reach the eatery, you will need to trek through the rainforest. Once you arrive, you will be suspended in the air with electric cables while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Gulf of Thailand. Diners are served their meals by waiters who use ziplines to bring the food to their table.

Ferry Ride to James Bond Island

This island was featured in a James Bond movie. You can enjoy the magnificent views of Phang Nga Bay by taking a charming ferry ride to the location. You can also paddle through the mangrove forests in a canoe and see the filming locations and towering limestone cliffs.

Ocean World

This expansive aquatic aquarium features thousands of deep-sea marine animals like jellyfish, eel, starfish, leopard stingrays, and nautiluses. A 4D Theatre offers an oceanic virtual reality show. 

Flight of the Gibbonis a new thrilling adventure activity where you can experience the thrill of flying through the treetops like a Gibbon.

Which look of Mili kya mili did you like the most, and When you are planning your trip to Thailand? Share your views in the comments and stay updated with

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