Valkyrae teases apparel launch: When is Valkyrae merch coming out?

YouTube star & co-owner of 100T Rachel ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter’s merch is hard to come by. So, here’s all the latest news on any Valkyrae merch drops that are coming soon.

Another streaming sensation whose merchandise appears to be pretty elusive is Valkyrae, however, the 100 Thieves co-owner has announced an upcoming release that has fans on the edge of their seats. So, here’s everything we know about the new Valkyrae merch.

When will there be new Valkyrae merch?

Finally addressing fan requests on-stream, Rae has revealed that there is merch coming. She speculates that “a rough estimate is possibly August” in terms of a release date, but has admitted that her choice to switch suppliers has delayed the process slightly.

valkyrae 2 red

However, she has confirmed that she will be using the same manufacturing company as Corpse, so if you were lucky enough to snag his merch you’ll already have a feel for what you’re getting.

In a further segment from July 24 discussing an ‘apparel’ line, Rae notes that “apparel is dropping… October-ish. October.” She does note that a “big thing” is dropping in August, followed by another in September, so fans can expect something pretty cool, very soon.

What will Rae’s merch look like?

While there are no images of any merch, Rae has dropped hints that a half-and-half style sweater will be launching with the line. After a fan complimented her jumper in chat, she replied “Isn’t it kinda cool how it splits down the middle? That’d be kinda crazy if I released some merch that also split down the middle. That would be nuts.”

She also reveals that she’s toying with “five different designs,” followed by her noting that she’s “going a little crazy” with this launch.


How much is Valkyrae’s merch?

Again there’s nothing set in stone regarding the cost of Rae’s merch, but judging by the cost of Corpse’s drop we can speculate that:

  • Hoodies – $60
  • Beanie – $25
  • Face mask – $10

As both streamers are using the same merch carrier, this may imply that Rae’s new drop may mirror Corpse’s prices.

Again there’s no date confirmed, but we’ll likely see him drop before the main body of the merch in August.

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