The first match of Stage 4 weak 3 between Toronto Ultra & Florida Mutineers, of CDL 2021 Stage 4 is wrapped up & TBA won the first week of the first match. You can keep yourself in the loop of Call of Duty League Stage 4 Week 3 by binding with the details stated:

Team Florida Mutineers

Florida MutineersSkyzNeptuneOwakeningHavok, SlackedAtura
Florida Mutineers

Team Toronto Ultra

Toronto UltraBanceInsightCammyCleanXMethodzMarkyB
Toronto Ultra

Call Of Duty League 2021, Stage 4 Weak-3 witnessed the most anticipated matches of the 2021 Call of Duty League season, Toronto Ultra vs Florida Mutineers in Day 1. So a quick run-through of the CDL 2021 Stage 4 Week 3’s first match between Toronto Ultra & Florida Mutineers.

Match 1, Apocalypse Hardpoint

Florida Mutineers in Group stages of Stage 4 of Weak 1, we’re looking for revenge jumped out on Garrison Hardpoint to open the series. But Bance (26), Cleanx (31), Cammy (24) & Insight (21) from Ultra dropped a bomb of 20+ kills on the hardpoint. Defeating the Mutineers with 250-136 points at the end.

  • Toronto Ultra Claiming their 4th straight Hardpoint victory in Stage 4 of CDL 2021.

Match 2, Express Search & Destroy

Search & Destroy set apart Ultra in stage 2, with the Number 1 K/D in CDL 2021. on Express, search & destroy: 200 IQ by Insight, as Toronto Ultra looks unstoppable and pulled away the hope of Mutineers hope of winning on Stage 4 Day 1. All thanks to Insight who loves to surprise their opponents. Toronto Ultra pulled away the search & destroy map from Mutineers by 6-3. From Florida, only Silly touched the 8 digits of kills.

Match 3, Raid Control

Ultra claims the Control after a slow start, Ultra continued to look as strong as they had been during the previous matches of Stage, by winning 3-1 this controlInsight popped of this time with a bomb of 28 kills being followed and helped by Bance with 24+ kills on the table. Making sure and slowly chipping away the leads of Florida Mutineers.

  • This is Toronto Ultra’s 9th sweep this season (2nd most in CDL 2021).

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