Atlanta FaZe Eliminated Toronto Ultra in 2021 Call of Duty League Stage 3 Major

The Honeymoon period of Toronto Ultra’s win streak is over by Atlanta Faze.

Call Of Duty League 2021, Stage 3 Major Day-2 witnessed the most anticipated matches of the 2021 Call of Duty League season, Atlanta FaZe ended Toronto Ultra’s nine-match win streak in the winner’s bracket.

FaZe, who lost to the Toronto Ultra in the grand finals of the Stage Two Major, Looking for revenge jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the rematch today. Ultra’s CleanX’s dropped a bomb of 35 kills, the Ultra fell on Garrison Hardpoint to open the series. And when it came to Checkmate Search and Destroy, the duo of aBeZy and Cellium, destroyed Ultra, pair that dominated in Search & Destroy combined for 20 kills in a 6-2 victory on Checkmate.

Toronto Ultra fought back to even the series with a 3-2 Garrison Control win and a 250-174 Raid Hardpoint win. On Garrison, strong performances from CleanX and Bance helped Toronto overcome a stiff challenge from Atlanta. When it came to Raid HP, however, Cammy had another strong respawn game, finishing with 30 kills.

  • FaZe’s ‘Tiny Terrors’ duo of Simp and aBeZy proved to be too strong for the Ultra during Raid Search and Destroy.

The pair combined for 22 of their team’s 31 kills, each finishing with more than 2,000 damage in a 6-3 final win, pushing Toronto Ultra in the losers bracket.

  • Atlanta FaZe is the only team to secure the top three in each of the first three major events this season.

Recently, The Dallas Empire, who were swept by FaZe yesterday, must win three consecutive matches in the losers bracket to do the same.

Atlanta now will play against New York Subliners. FaZe will play the winner tonight at 6:30 pm CT.

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