Deepika-Alia-Kareena’s Anshuka Parwani Reveals How To Ace Yoga

It is not a secret that yoga provides holistic well-being. This age-old practice promotes a balance and harmony between the body, soul and mind. The one thing that comes to mind when picking up yoga is—where to start. If you are a beginner, it becomes crucial to consider some essential tips to ensure a safe and effective session.

To solve your dilemma, we interacted with celebrity yoga coach Anshuka Parwani. For those who don’t know, Anshuka is well known for training Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Rakul Preet Singh, Alia Bhatt, Ananya Panday and more. From weight management asanas to why you need a trainer, in an exclusive conversation with NDTV’s Abira Dhar, Anshuka answered some of the most FAQs related to yoga. Take a look at her responses in the video below: 

3 Asanas For Weight Management

Talking about how one can lose weight with yoga, Anshuka Parwani claimed that it is mostly dependent on how you breathe. If you start breathing correctly, things will fall in place. the wellness coach said, “So more than asanas…it is the way you are breathing, your pranayama. That’s the key. I have been teaching a lot of obese students, who cannot move and they only started with the right kind of breathing. So, when you breathe correctly you are managing your endocrine system, which in turn your hormones play a big role in how much weight you put on and lose.”

She continued by demonstrating how one can breathe correctly through “yogic breath”. To know that you are breathing correctly, keep your palms on your belly. Feel the belly blowing up while you inhale and feel it sinking in when you exhale.

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Next, Anshuka suggests you make an “L” with your fingers and place it right on top of your rib cage. While inhaling you will feel a balloon behind the rib cage blowing up.

Place two fingers on your collarbones and while inhaling you will feel that you are breathing into your throat.

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The celebrity wellness trainer advised doing one whole yogic breath by engaging all three areas. Inhale three times like you were sipping water. “Inhale into your belly, inhale into your chest, inhale into your throat and now exhale,” she said. This is called one full yogic breath.

3 Asanas For Stress Management

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Anshuka Parwani said that bharamari pranayam, anulom vilom and legs up on the wall are some of the best asanas for stress management. She said, “So, I will again come back to pranayama. I feel that your bharamari pranayama is very good for you, anulom vilom is very good for you. Legs up on the wall, which is a very simple tool. It actually helps to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system, which is your rest and relaxation. Your sympathetic system controls fight-or-flight responses. Your parasympathetic is rest and relax, which really helps to add distress value—better sleep and all of the good things.”

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