Can Toronto Ultra defend their throne? or New York Subliners going to be the 2021 Call of Duty League Major 3 winner.

Three more weeks of group play matches have been completed in the 2021 Call of Duty League season, which means it’s time for the 3rd Major finale of the tournament.

The Stage Three Major finale is officially about to end tonight. Over the past few weeks, all 12 CDL franchises were split into two groups and played five series to determine their seeding for the second double-elimination tournament of the 2021 season. New York Subliners already secured a position in the finale, while major one winner Faze & Major 2 winner Toronto ultra has to go through the losers bracket tonight alongside Optic Gaming.

Call of Duty League Major 3

Yesterday, the Atlanta FaZe suffered their second loss of the season by NYSL ended up going through the losers bracket tonight. NYSL the first place holder in Group A looking so confident with the addition of Hydra team is dominating through Stage 3.

Atlanta Faze won the Stage One Major, Toronto Ultra won the Major 2, and now New York Subliners looking so strong as a Major 3 winners contender. NYSL will try to go back-to-back to win tonight the CDL 2021 Tournament’s Major 3. But teams like the Dallas Empire, OpTic Chicago, and Atlanta Faze could all be in the running to try to dethrone anyone for the last day of Major 3.

The Stage 3 Major features a $500,000 prize pool and the opportunity for all 12 teams to earn CDL Points so they can move up in the standings.

  • The team that wins the Major will take home $200,000 and 75 CDL Points.

CDL2021 Points Standings heading into Major III

CDL points standings

How to Watch CDL Major 3 Finale

Here are the results from the 2021 Call of Duty League Stage 3 Major, updated with the most recent games on top.

Sunday, May 17 (IST)

Call of Duty League Major 3

New York Subliners vs. Atlanta Faze (Grand finals)

  • Garrison Hardpoint: 250-185 New York Subliners
  • Checkmate Search and Destroy: 6-5 Atlanta Faze
  • Garrison Control: 3-0 Atlanta Faze
  • Moscow Hardpoint: 250-124Atlanta Faze
  • Miami Search and Destroy: 6-3 New York Subliners
  • Checkmate Control: 3-2 Atlanta Faze
  • Raid Search and Destroy: 6-1 Atlanta Faze
Atlanta Faze vs. Toronto Ultra

Atlanta Faze vs. Toronto Ultra (Losers bracket finals)

  • Hardpoint: Garrison 250-123 Atlanta Faze
  • Search and Destroy: Raid 6-3 Toronto Ultra
  • Control: Garrison 3-0 Atlanta Faze
  • Hardpoint: Raid 250-235 Toronto Ultra
  • Search and Destroy: Moscow 6-2 Atlanta Faze
Call of Duty League Major 3

Optic Chicago vs. Toronto Ultra (Losers bracket semifinals)

  • Hardpoint: Garrison 250-180 Optic Chicago
  • Search and Destroy: Moscow 6-3 Toronto Ultra
  • Control: Raid 2-1 Toronto Ultra
  • Hardpoint: Checkmate 250-117 Optic Chicago
  • Search and Destroy: Raid 6-5 Toronto Ultra

Match 1, Hardpoint: Garrison 250-180 Optic Chicago won because the King Scump bounced back on the very perfect time with the kill death ratio of 31/18 at Garrison Hardpoint.

Match 2, Search and Destroy: Moscow CleanX and Insight outnumbered the Optic Chicago with a good total number of 19 kills together and making the series equal 1-1.

Match 3, Control: Raid Toronto Ultra with the 11th control winning streak takes the lead over Optic with 2-1, all thanks to Canny with a bomb of 32 kills over Optic.

Match 4, Checkmate Hardpoint, Scump, Dashy & Formal popped off at the time making the series equal to 2-2.

Match 5, Search and Destroy: Toronto Ultra won by 6-5.

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