Scump wins $100,000 World Series of Warzone Solo YOLO game

Seth Abner, Scump, the most popular Call of Duty League player, proved he’s no slouch in Warzone today, winning the $100,000 Solo YOLO World Series of Warzone game.

Scump outlasted 149 other players and secured a game-high 11 kills, capping the superb game off with a final kill against popular streamer Aydan. While the King has won many big games throughout his career, Scump jumped up from his chair and ran around his room to celebrate his $100,000 victory.

Scump finished atop a rather stacked leaderboard, which included the likes of the aforementioned Aydna, HusKerrs, and MuTex. Only Scump and Aydan finished the game with double-digit kill counts, and HusKerrs was the only player to finish within the top 15 without a single kill.

Scump will be able to add this $100,000 total to his already-impressive prize winnings figure, and he plans to add more in the rest of the World Series of Warzone tournament.

Verma Shubham

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