TimTheTatman accuse the squad of cheating in a $1M WSoW event

WSoW Qualifiers Ruined by Hackers

FaZe Swagg and TimTheTatman have “exposed” a player for cheating in the 2024 World Series of Warzone group qualifier with what looks to be wall and aim hacks. 

As the WSOW qualifier kicked off its first day, accusations of cheating were quickly levelled at several players, one squad catching the attention of several streamers. 

Players Chefgapparoni, Keriboh, and Onoy, currently ranked 43 in the NA group qualifier, have been accused of hacking on official WSOW match days. 

One of the first streamers to catch on to the squad’s supposed hacking was TimTheTatman during WSOW’s in-game open where his team (which included DrDisrespect) was killed suspiciously. 

Spectating Onoy and replaying their kill cams, they point out how accurate their pre-aiming was and how good their tracking was while shooting through the smoke. 

However, he further noted that their gameplay in the impressive kill cams did not look like the same player when they were spectating them, leading Tim to accuse Onoy of turning off their hacks once they realized they were being watched. 

“I think I’m going hacker on that. I think he let it rip and realized that we were spectating and toggled it off,” Tim said of the alleged hacker. 

Full Stream of TimTheTatman for WSW Qualifiers:

Later on during the group qualifiers, which other big streamers like FaZe Swagg qualified for, he too noticed the squad and claimed one of them was hacking. “Bro exposed himself,” Swagg said of the alleged cheater. 

WCCFcallofdutymodernwarfare hacker

This time it was another player, chefgapparoni, who Swagg highlighted was calling out the locations of enemies before they had appeared on their screen, which was taken live from their streamed POV. 

In another clip that has been shared around, chefgapparoni can be seen shooting at enemies with excellent tracking, to which some claimed they were aim-botting. 

Of course, none of these claims can be verified until Activision takes action or if RICOCHET detects cheats on any of the players in the squads. 

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