Best AS VAL gunsmith for COD: Mobile Season 2

COD: Mobile Season 2 introduced a brand new AR Tier list. We are talking about the AS VAL, and we’ve got the best gunsmith loadout as per your play style, to win gunfights in COD: Mobile.

How to get AS VAL?

AS VAL ar is in the free Battle pass at tier 21. Just grind and get this new gun, down below is the stats of this gun without using any attachments. Best AS VAL gunsmith class setup.

Fire Rate80
AS VAL stats

AS VAL Gunsmith for Aggressive Players:

Here is the best AS VAL Gunsmith Setup for Aggressive Play-style, This setup will give players high mobility and Faster ADS speed to counter their enemies, Specially in close range encounters, and when you love to surprise your enemies by giving them a flank.

Best AS VAL gunsmith COD: Mobile

AS VAL Best Gunsmith for Allround Players:

This setup is good for Battle Royale as well as Multiplayer mode of Call Of Duty: Mobile, This AS VAL setup is good for long range enemy encounters with very low recoil, fast ammunition load speed and good ADS speed.

Best AS VAL gunsmith COD: Mobile

Best Perks for AS VAL :

These perks are good for shooting enemies while sprinting, Regenerating your health at 20% faster speed and it will give you more points per kill dead silence is good while playing Search & Destroy mode of Call Of Duty: Mobile.

So there you have it, the best AS VAL loadout to use in your Gunsmith at the start of COD: Mobile Season 2.

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