Call Of Duty Season 2 is out: Here are the patch notes

Call Of Duty Season 2 is out: Here are the patch notes released by CoD: mobile


Today, the Global version of Call of Duty: Mobile revealed the patch notes for the Call Of Duty Season 2 content update, titled Day of Reckoning. CoD: Mobile’s season two already started on March 10. Before this, Activision released a new content update containing upcoming features to the game. This includes new maps, modes, weapons, and more.

First, CoD: Mobile surprised everyone by giving everyone a brand-new operator as soon as you update your game! You will get “Charly” in your inventory and any new players coming into the game will automatically receive her as a default operator. No restrictions, no time limits, free for everyone.

charly cod: mobile
update notes

CoD: mobile Season 2, Day of Reckoning

New weapons, new game modes, new Scorestreak!

New Premium Battle Pass Rewards

  • New epic Blueprints: AS VAL – Judgement, M4LMG – Checkpoint, KRM-262 – Eagle Claw and BK57 – Data Miner
  • New epic Soldiers: Mace – Back For More, Mara – Awakening, Alex and Special Ops 2 – Brute
  • New Legendary Calling Cards

New Free Battle Pass Rewards:

  • New base weapon: AS VAL. A special rifle with high fire rate as well as damage, the subsonic design creates a silencing effect. However, the price is paid with slow bullet speed with obvious bullet falling trajectory. Soldiers will need a lot of practice to master it.
  • New Scorestreak: Napalm. Scorch nearby enemies and fill the battlefield with smoke.

New Events Rewards:

  • New base weapon: SP-R 208, a bolt-action marksman rifle with relatively high damage and mobility. With the special attachment Bolt, the weapon will increase in accuracy and range, but also decrease chambering speed.
  • New Perk: Recon. After an enemy is killed, nearby enemies will be scanned and displayed on the mini map.

New Rank Series

  • Rank Series resets to Series 1. The new Series 1 starts from 2021.3 – 2021.5
  • New ranked mode rewards:
  • New epic Blueprint: QXR – Roaring Steel
  • New epic Soldier: Kreuger – Ruptured Steel


New Maps

  • Shoot House: The popular Modern Warfare map is now available in CODM! The map features a military training ground located in the middle of a desert, including the classic 3-route design. Join the fierce combat with your best maneuvers!
    • Available for Team Death Match, Domination, Hard Point, Kill Confirmed, and more!
  • Shipment – Modern: This classic map in Modern Warfare series has been renovated! The WWII style shipment port has been is now in modern style. While fighting fiercely between containers, don’t let down the guards towards threats from above.
    • Available for Team Death Match, Domination, Hard Point, Kill Confirmed, and more!

New Featured Game Modes!

  • Gunfight: Sniper
    • Eliminate or capture objectives by using only acquired sniper rifles. Kilo-Bolt Action, SKS and NA45 are also available in this mode.
    • Available on Cage, Shipment, Pine, King, and more!

Loadout New Features

  • Blueprint Overview: Players can select and change blueprints in the Loadout conveniently by clicking the OVERVIEW icon.
  • Recently Acquired Items: The Notification clearing icon (the exclamation mark with a slash) now shows all new items player recently acquired, including weapons, attachments, soldiers, camos, and others.
  • Blueprints Available: Players now can see new blueprints available in Loadout.


New Featured Game Modes!

  • Tank Battle: Also Available for Ranked Mode.
    • Collect five components to assemble your tank. You can also assemble Tank via blueprint in the airdrop. Multiple soldiers can fight in tanks.
    • Components making up the tank include: Chassis, Engine, Armor, Primary Weapon, Secondary Weapon.
    • Anti-Tank weapons include: Delay Bomb, Proximity Mine, Anti-Tank Sticky Grenade,
    • Anti-Tank Sniper, Anti-Tank War Machine.
    • Tank repair tools: Welding Gun.
    • There are three types of tank blueprints.

New Vehicle

  • New Vehicle: Cargo Truck. The truck has only two seats for the driver and the co-driver, but the body can accommodate multiple soldiers who can move freely. The acceleration is lower, but has high durability and provides good protection the riders.

New Custom Airdrop Weapons

Soldiers now can equip pistols as custom airdrop weapons.

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