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Call of duty Mobile Season 8 2021: 2nd Anniversary update: New Blackout map, Weapon Balance changes

Call Of Duty Mobile has been enjoying great success lately with the new seasons bringing some of the biggest updates of the year for the players across the world. This popular action-packed game will be celebrating two years of global release on October 1st, 2021.

COD Mobile Season 8 2021 update has been named 2nd Anniversary and is just a few moments away and we’ve got the early overview on the next major patch update. Throughout Season 8, players will be able to celebrate the 2nd birthday of Call of Duty Mobile with three new events – an Anniversary Cake event, an Anniversary Puzzle event, and a new themed event called Counterattack.

COD Mobile Season 8 2021: Battle Pass

The 2nd Anniversary Battle Pass for this season features 50 tiers of new free and premium content including a new operator skill, new assault rifle, characters, COD Points, and more. COD Mobile’s Season 7 Battle Pass ends on Thursday, September 23rd, 2021. The new Battle Pass will be available from September 24th, 8 AM PDT (tentative) alongside the rest of the update. This battle pass, just like the previous battle passes will consist of four epic characters and some epic weapons.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Beef up for the coming attack using the new Lightning Strike Scorestreak unlocked at a certain tier. At another tier, gain access to the new R9-0 Shotgun and M13 Assault Rifle. Start saving up your Weapon XP Cards now so you can unlock their early attachments before taking them out to shred.

M13 Assault Rifle

The M13 is a fully automatic assault rifle that is now available on Test Server. It comes with low damage for an assault rifle (and by most other standards). It requires a minimum of 5 shots to kill out to 30 meters, though this can be lowered to 4 or even 3 shots with headshots.

Past this distance, it will require 6 shots. Fortunately, the M13 comes with a lofty fire rate of 891 RPM. This is faster than most other fully automatic assault rifles, LMGs, and SMGs. Time-to-kill is not particularly fast due to needing several shots to kill, but the weapon’s rate of fire makes it more forgiving when missing a couple of shots.

R9-0 Shotgun

The R9-0 shotgun is one of the most unique weapons that is currently playable in Call of Duty: Warzone. It is a close-quarter weapon and is regarded among the best in its class. However, if you equip the weapon with the right set of loadout or attachments, it can certainly help unlock its full potential.

Players can fire two shots almost instantly before they need to pump the shotgun again. With a large ammo capacity, this weapon can be used to take down entire squads.

Battle Pass Premium Tiers

Get the Battle Pass for the chance to earn all of the content available in the Elite of the Elite stream. Unlock the new General Sheperd character, along with Alias – Battleworn, Velikan – Volcanic Ash, and the Price – Beanie. Get access to new Weapon Blueprints like the CR-56 AMAX – Tattered Shot, R9-0 – Snakeskin, RUS-79U – War Panel, MK2 – Future Sharpshooter, and the HOLGER 26 – Blood Stained.

COD Mobile Season 8 2021: Multiplayer

New Maps

Crash – Revamped

The already existing Crash map in Multiplayer is all set to get a new look in the game. Some colorization and some changes in props are to be seen in this revamped version of the Crash map.

New Scorestreak: Lightning Strike

The Lightning Strike is similar to the Mortar Team Killstreak from Call of Duty: Black Ops in that one chooses three target points to deliver a payload on the map. Three FA38 fighter jets rapidly drop bombs on the selected locations, thereby killing its targets much quicker than the mortar team and making it near impossible for the enemy to escape.

When calling in the Lightning Strike, there will be a single UAV sweep shown on the targeting map, to allow players to more accurately using the streak. This UAV sweep will only work the first time the Lightning Strike is used.

New Operator Skill: TAK-5

Lastly, the new Operator Skill – TAK-5 is also adding up to the arsenal as it is there in the test server.

New Perk – Iron Lungs

Iron Lung is a new perk currently available in the season 8 test server. It increases the time a player can steady a sniper rifle’s scope from 4 seconds to 9 seconds. However, holding the rifle steady until the 9-second limit will cause the sniper rifle to sway uncontrollably, and will take 10 seconds before the sniper rifle can be steadied again, thus, it is reasonable to not steady the player’s aim indefinably but just long enough to see a moving target.

COD Mobile Season 8 2021: Battle Royale

New Map – Blackout

Isolated is destroyed, and here comes the new COD Mobile Battle Royale map – Blackout. This is the very first Battle Royale map that appeared in the Call of Duty franchise, which is now coming to Call of Duty Mobile. First introduced in Black Ops 4, Blackout features iconic series locations across a vast landscape including places like Hijacked and Ghost Town.

Battle Royal map Blackout

Originally launched in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Blackout was the largest map in any Call of Duty game ever and featured parts of existing multiplayer maps such as Estate, Nuketown, Construction Site, and many more. In addition to Blackout, the Battle Royale experience is being updated and enhanced. During the Anniversary season, there will also be an exciting new tournament held set on the Blackout map.

When will COD Mobile Season 8 2021 start

The new season is expected to commence on September 22nd, 2021 and the battle pass season will begin on September 24th, 2021. We hope you enjoy season 8 2021 of Call of Duty Mobile!

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