Moroccan Streamer: Pokimane Responds to Makeup Criticism with Strength

Imane “Pokimane” responded to the comment by suggesting that men should instead compliment women on their makeup. She explained her reasoning with an analogy, comparing makeup to art in a gallery.

During a live stream on December 19, Twitch star Imane “Pokimane” spent some time interacting with her fans when she noticed a viewer seemingly criticizing her for wearing “way too much makeup.”

Pokimane calls out viewers to Makeup Criticism with Strength

Morocaan Streamer Pokimane Makeup Criticism

“If you don’t like what they did, move on” – Pokimane responds to fans saying she wears “too much makeup”

Pokimane discussed her recovery from COVID-19 at the start of her December 19 live stream, before her attention was drawn to a comment from a viewer named The_Soft_Poo, who said:

Pokimane calls out viewers for no makeup comment

After reading the message, the co-founder of OfflineTV slammed the Twitch user and remarked. Imane took the opportunity to express her thoughts about men commenting on women’s makeup, stating:

The Moroccan-Canadian personality provided an explanation for the statements with an analogy, elaborating:

“And let me tell you why. This ain’t no like, s*xist s**t. It’s just, that makeup takes a lot of effort. That’s like if you went to an art gallery and you told someone, ‘I think there’s too much red on this painting,’ they’ll be like, ‘Ow! I did it the way I liked it. The way I thought it should be done.’ You know what I mean? You should think of it that way.”

Pokimane calls out viewers

Pokimane suggested that people should view makeup “as a painting”:

“Think of it instead as a painting. You wouldn’t run around telling someone what you think they should do with their art. Like, nah. ‘That’s valid criticism for art.’ No, it’s not! Subjective. If you don’t like what they did, move on. And if you like it, tell them!”

The conversation concluded with the 26-year-old saying that women “don’t negatively” comment on other women’s makeup:

And the reason I said men, is because girls already don’t negatively comment on other girls’ makeup. I’ve actually… I’ve never seen that happen. I mean, I’m sure it happens here and there. But… I’ve rarely, rarely seen that happen. They just have fun. Literally, who cares?”

Fans react to the streamer’s sentiments

Over 88 fan reactions were posted in the YouTube comments section, with several community members praising Pokimane’s take. Here’s what they had to say:

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Pokimane is a popular Twitch streamer and internet influencer who began her livestreaming career in 2016. She currently has over nine million followers, while an average of 9,240 viewers tune in to watch her broadcasts.

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