xQc lost millions of followers after Twitch purged 7.5 million Bot accounts

Around 7.5 million Bot accounts were blocked leading to artificial inflation numbers on the Amazon-owned Video streaming platform Twitch. xQc the number one streamer on Twitch lost 2 million followers after this wipeout.

Fake accounts or bots on varied platforms have been a trend for quite some time. Twitch went ahead to detect such fake users and erased them completely out of the system. About 7.5 million bot accounts were an engaging factor for the artificial rise on twitch. The company discovered the users through an “ongoing machine learning” setup up which eradicates such unreal follow-ups. Things started heating up when xQc the number one most-watched streamer on Twitch lost around 2 million of followers on his channel.

Other big names like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, Raúl “Auronplay” Genes, and Ali “Myth” Kabbani each lost hundreds of thousands of followers.

twitch bots
The video streaming giant announced that they would continue to clear bot accounts through the same technology as follow-botting and view-botting involvement violates the terms of Twitch’s Service. In order to improve the platform and to strictly monitor the addition of fake bot accounts. The rapid increase of such accounts affects the viewships and followers of active streamers.

The fake engagement on Twitch adversely affects the statistics of the channel and the revenue based on the conditions of views and followers pertaining through third-party tools. The functioning occurs through false channel inflation which includes different means of botting to claim accounts and mislead the views and other relevant statistics. The additional functioning methods are “Follow 4 Follow”, “Lurk 4 Lurk” and “Host 4 Host” which falsifies the channel’s protocols.

  • The idea is to resist the fake widespread on Twitch and the channels to create legitimate visibility and increase of real followers rather than artificial channel inflation.
  • It restricts the community from growing and generating opportunities.

To resolve the massive increase the bot ban movement has been initiated to support streamers and the participation of healthy communities in order to turn off disguised growth. The bad conduct results in malpractices on the platform advancing into anti-action and harassment for which the “ Ongoing Machine Learning” technique is formulated. Therefore, the company gave other vital tools to hint to streamers about duplicity and copyright strikes.

The streamers would benefit from such cleansing processes to create a healthy growing Twitch and ban the now prevailing and upcoming Bot accounts.

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