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Tokyo Escape: Call of Duty Season 3, Coming Soon

Get your guns ready, Pull up your socks, grab your mobile phones and start marching as the Call of Duty Season 3 is arriving. To make it more worthwhile and engaging it has two new weapons and a new map to hop on…

Call of Duty Season 3 would be launched by the end of the week. The add-ons are already exciting and the game would be call Tokyo Escape. The game would be delving you into the topography of Tokyo as the new season comes with the freshness of the Japanese theme

The additions to the game’s new season are yet to be revealed. For spoilers, the guesses about the weapons are the PP19 Bizon and the Renetti from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare with new maps for the players to deeply influenced by the game. Players must wait for the thrilling experiences  Tokyo Escape is going to offer soon.

The unbalanced meta about the weapon balance in the game has been an issue for players. The hurdle has been resolved by Activision, experimenting through a public beta test of which ensures the players not to face such problems anymore. Players should look forward to Season 3 as the supportive solution of the loopholes are already found and fixed.

  • Another brilliantly added feature is Oasis in Season 3. It is a multi-player map delving upon the newness of Call of Duty and is specifically mobile-friendly.

It also offers a totally different playing space accompanied by wide roads, providing long-range gunfire, space for snipers to perform to their best of abilities and so much more. It is exclusively mapped for season 3 to make it extra special and full of adventure.

Battle Pass details of Season 3

  • Epic Characters: Taked Sense, Hidora The Boss, Zero Escape, Spectre Ninja
  • Epic Wepons: QXR, Type 25, ASM 10, Rus79U
  • Epic Weapon Blueprint: PP19 Bizon Yokai
  • New Operator Skill: Bull Charge

But this doesn’t fall short as Activision has planned which are yet to be discovered. There might be another multiple player map called Coastal. They will all be worth experiencing and depict the sheer enthusiasm of the game. The updates for Tokyo Escape, a brand new season with delightful and vibrant content would be available soon. Deploy your army and be ready for gunshot wars coming up…

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