Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2022 March 31

With over $2 million in prize money, the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022 promises to be a major event for all eligible players. Find out how to compete, plus get info on the in-game rewards you can earn just for participating.

The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship returns for 2022, and it’s open to all eligible players around the world. With over $2 million in prize money, including $1.7 million for the World Championship Finals—the largest single event payout in Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship history—there’s no reason not to participate.

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2022

All eligible players can compete to earn in-game rewards, including new weapons and Operators, plus a share of the prize pool. Do you have what it takes to outplay the best? Read on for details regarding how to participate so you can see just how good you really are.

Start Competing March 31

Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2022

Designed for players of all skill levels, Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022 mark the beginning of this epic competitive event. Everyone who signs up to compete will receive an all-new Frame and Calling Card.

The World Championship will be conducted regionally in multiple stages beginning with Stage 1’s four open in-game qualifiers. Each weekend from March 31 through April 24, 2022, UTC, eligible players who complete 10 Ranked Multiplayer matches and earn 60 points will qualify for Stage 2 and get new in-game rewards every week.

For more details on stages, requirements, and the official rules, visit

Stay Tuned for More

Expect more info to come regarding the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022 as the event progresses through its early stages. For now, hit up those Ranked matches so you’re in solid fighting form when Stage 1 begins March 31.

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