Call of Duty: Warzone, MW III, and Mobile Season 3 Update, MID-SEASON

The massive action that the massive Call of Duty: Warzone, MW III, and Mobile Season 3 update delivered is expected to continue with the upcoming Season 3 Reloaded content release, which will include more Modern Warfare Zombies, Dark Aether Rift, and multiplayer maps and modes. With new things arriving on Rebirth Island, such as the highly sought-after Specialist Perk Package, you can modify your strategy.

Gain access to the new BAL-27 assault rifle, acquire new aftermarket parts through mid-season weekly challenges, and more. Also, May 6th marks the beginning of Military Appreciation Month, so keep an eye out for additional information on how to assist in placing veterans from the United States and the United Kingdom in excellent positions.

All platforms will receive the mid-season update for Season 3 Reloaded on May 1 at 9 AM PT. For all official communications and announcements, check out the Call of Duty Blog.


A range of multiplayer games gain an explosive new element with the addition of the new Minefield game mode. Watch your step. Players still follow the fundamental guidelines of each mode in this variation, but there’s a big catch: fallen Eliminated Operators drop a Proximity Mine. There is a chance for some really powerful combos because the mine is lethal to the fallen operator’s squad and cannot be picked up.

The action picks up speed as the eliminations start to mount, making it harder for players to stay on target while pursuing the next one.


Teams alternately guide an MAW around the terrain in Escort with the aim of hacking three spots on the map. The MAW only advances when an attacking operator approaches; if a defending operator gets closer, it will revert to its previous position.

Each team has two rounds to play, with one round each for attack and defence. The winning team in a match is the one who hacks the most points, or all three points, in the quickest amount of time.

Two Core 6v6 Maps: Grime, Checkpoint

Wind through Grime’s dockside district, a graffiti-filled hotspot with the ruins of the once-active SKN Communications building next to the Captain’s Dog pub and the now-closed boat house. Explore an abandoned piece of London. Swim the canal’s murky waters and engage in combat by the docks. You’ll need to employ cunning strategies and make good use of the chokepoints on the map in order to survive in this abandoned metropolitan area.

Explore a neglected area of London as you wind through Grime’s dockside neighbourhood, a graffiti-filled hotspot with the ruins of the once-active SKN Comms building next to the Captain’s Dog tavern and the now-closed boat house. Battle beside the docks and swim through the canal’s murky waters. Using the chokepoints on the map wisely and having a nasty streak will be necessary to survive in this abandoned metropolitan area.

Checkpoint (6v6)

Given that Rebirth Island is in the open, it’s likely that you’ve already fought in this vicinity due to the island’s eastern Stronghold POI. Checkpoint is a modified map that emphasizes ground warfare by sealing off the upper walkways and control towers, keeping the action concentrated in and around the main buildings of the military communications outpost. Engage in combat in the garage and armory, or engage adversaries at the forward construction site and the back roundabout.

Power Up in the Arcade Playlist

With the mid-season Arcade playlist, which supports a range of maps and types with powerups and unique weapon pickups, you can greatly increase your power.

Powerups: When an enemy is eliminated, they will leave a power-up where they fall. This power-up will provide you either infinite grenades or unlimited ammunition as a temporary ability. Attack your enemies without worrying about little things like the number of grenades and ammunition.

Weapon Pickups: Deploy deadly force with unique weapon pickups strewn around the landscape. These pickups are easily identified by their illuminating effects and floating movement.

The MORS Sniper Rifle and Riveter Shotgun, both of which are equipped with explosive projectile rounds, the Punch Knife with a significantly longer lunge distance, and the Minigun, which offers a continuous battle range effect for better health regeneration, resistance to tactical equipment, and a continuous refresh on your tactical sprint, are some of these enhanced weapons.

The Vortex Playlist Returns

Relocate to the surreal Vortex Playlist, which reopens for a brief period of time in the middle of the season. If you dare, go back to the infested areas of Tetanus, Satan’s Quarry, Airborne, Skidgrow, and Sporeyard. In the Vortex Mosh Pit, maintain composure and concentrate on the goal to avoid losing your mind to these warped terrain variations.

New Field Upgrade and Equipment

New Field Upgrade: Enhanced Vision Goggles

Activate the Enhanced Vision Goggles to enhance your ability to identify targets during combat. The Field Upgrade charge indicates the limited battery life of the goggles, which decreases while the device is in operation.

Dead Wire Detonators: Enhance your explosive weapons, such as lethals and launchers, by adding the Dead Wire Ammo Mod effect to your blasts. These detonators can electrify your blasts for enormous damage. When taking up the new discipline form of the Dark Aether Rift, this will definitely come in handy.

Golden Mask Filter: When approaching strongholds and other locations where gas could smother arriving operators, forget about constantly looking for a working gas mask. The charge of a gas mask gradually regenerates itself when the Golden Mask Filter is attached to it. If the mask is completely charged in one go, it still has the potential to break, but the filter will reapply to the next one you locate.

Sergeant’s Beret: You already have enough to worry about with the undead prowling the area, let alone Zakhaev’s Mercs. Put on the Sergeant’s Beret to give the impression that you belong to their faction. You will also receive a Merc Bodyguard as a bonus, who will boldly follow you into battle.

When taking on this master in artillery and demolitions, opponents of the recently released Warlord Rainmaker will have to carefully consider their strategy. Discover him in the Rahaa Island fortress in the southeast Urzikstan Exclusion Zone. He is backed by an army that he is more than eager to use to destroy Operation Deadbolt.

As you approach, be prepared for RPG and mortar rounds. Provide dependable transportation to breach the stronghold and long-range support to gradually reduce the opposing forces from a distance. After breaking through the walls, proceed with caution because the warlord has placed several traps to catch unwary operators. Prepare to deal the most damage when you reach the warlord himself.

Additional Warzone Features, Field Upgrade, and New Event

When you visit Rebirth Island during the mid-season, you can anticipate a shift in the weather, a range of new objects, events, and more features, as well as sporadic aerial bombardments that are getting progressively more intense.

Become More Protective in the Upcoming Heavy Armor Public Event

Season 3 Reloaded introduces this Public Event. This is an uncommon event at Infil that increases the number of armour plates players can carry, increasing their overall health points from 150 to 200 for the duration of the match. Click this link for additional details.

Get ready with Rebirth Island’s new Utility Box Field Upgrade.

Ammo and armour boxes are combined into one utility box, which gives operators access to resupplies for everything from grenades to bullets. Get the box as part of the ground treasure or at Buy Stations.


Join the debut of Golden Week, a holiday-centric celebration featuring new content inspired by Japanese folklore. Earn  Event Points by playing through the limited-time Golden Plunder playlist, or any playlist you prefer, and then collect your free rewards through the Golden Week Event: Seeing Yokai.

Featured rewards:

  • (Weapon Blueprint) Lockwood 300: Shogun’s Harmony
  • (Weapon Blueprint) Combat Knife: Stealth Blossom
  • (Animated Calling Card) Golden Week

Hit up the Golden Week-themed Yokai’s Elegance Keep for the chance to earn further folklore-themed rewards, including the Oni-Daimyo operator and Vaznev-9K-Yokai’s Elegance weapon blueprint

Golden Plunder: Collect as much gold as you can by eliminating enemies, looting Supply Crates, and completing Contracts. When time runs out, the squad with the highest total wins. Unlimited respawns.

Season Reloaded will go live in Call of Duty: WZM following the Golden Week event. Look out for new in-game events every week with a chance to earn new free rewards alongside Limited Time modes and playlists. Additionally, there will be high-quality rewards releasing weekly through bundles and the Warzone Mobile Original Keeps.

New Mode and Map Feature: Massive lightning storms are wreaking havoc over Rebirth Island in the limited-time High Voltage mode. Operators who get struck by lightning will grow more powerful by earning a random perk. Meanwhile, Viking runes have been spotted throughout Verdansk. Will you keep them intact or risk destroying them for their rewards?

Game Updates: As a part of ongoing efforts toward optimizing the game, Season  Reloaded promises to continue to deliver regular game updates to make the overall experience even better for our millions of players across iOS and Android devices. Keep an eye on the official Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile social channels for the latest updates.

New Weapon

BAL-27 (Assault Rifle)

“A bullpup prototype weapon designed to increase fire rate over time while the trigger is squeezed. The first 4 shots are slower to fire but highly accurate.”

The top-loading BAL-27 Assault Rifle offers quick reloads and a unique firing mechanism whereby the initial four shots favour accuracy before the weapon kicks into a higher fire rate to finish the job and bring down your target fast. Pump the trigger at greater distances to benefit from the improved accuracy of its first shots, or hold down the trigger to spray enemies up close.

The BAL-27 introduces the new Sunset Waves, Simpler Times, Electro Torrent, and Sunny Side Weapon Camos, accessible by completing BAL-27-specific in-game challenges.

New Store Offerings: Devin Booker and More

The mid-season update brings Phoenix Suns shooting guard Devin Booker to the fight in a store bundle that transfers the star’s shooting skills from the court to the battlefield. Expect an array of other exciting new bundles coming in the mid-season, with some highlights detailed below.

Take the shot and bring home the win with the “DBook” Operator Skin featuring the Phoenix Suns shooting guard in a black tie tux and matching beanie. Booker arrives on the scene with two animated Weapon Blueprints with Swish Tracers: eliminate enemies at a distance using the “Sunrise” MTZ-762 Battle Rifle or rush the objective using the “Sunset” WSP-9 SMG.

Call in man’s best friend support by taking down enemies with the “Sick ‘Em Haven” Finishing Move, and show everyone who the MVP is by equipping the “Booker Card” Large Decal, the “Lucky Ace” Weapon Sticker, the “Man’s Best Friend” Charm, and the “Be Legendary” Loading Screen.

Trash Talk 2.0 Ultra Skin: Tracer Pro Pack

Talk trash and take names with the “Broadcast” Operator Skin for Ripper, featuring a robotic body with a television for a head. Boost your signal with two Animated Weapon Blueprints with Trash Talk Tracers and the Bodied 2.0 Death Effect: the “Smile and Nod” Striker 9 SMG and the “It’s Personal” TAQ Evolvere LMG.

Let ‘em know you’re ready to rumble on the mic by equipping the “Trash Talk” Large Decal, the “Toxic Waste” Weapon Sticker, and the “Feelings on Display” Charm. On top of these in-game items, the Bundle also includes 2400 COD Points to spend toward your next Store purchase!

Echo Endo: Vibrant Vixen Tracer Pack

Out-fox the competition with the “Mikan Endo” Operator Skin donning a tactical uniform and animated faceplate representing the cunning creature. Burst down enemies with the “Fox-Bite” FR 5.56 Assault Rifle Blueprint and vaporize them with the “Danger Spark” Sidewinder Battle Rifle Blueprint, both vibrantly coloured and featuring VwV :3 Tracers and the Vicious Vixen Death Effect.

Add some splash to your weapons with the “She’s a Killer” Large Decal, “Peace and Love” Weapon Sticker, and “Looks Can Kill” Charm. This bundle also includes a Tier Skip Token to help you move forward on the Battle Pass.

Phyto Fighter Tracer Pack

Brighten your squad’s day with the bioluminescent “Lucifern” Operator Skin, built of translucent skin over the animated and blue nervous system within. Wield the power of the deep ocean with two Weapon Blueprints featuring Bioluminescence Tracers and the Pelagic Death Effect: the “Paralyzer” BP50 Assault Rifle and the “Splash Damage” TAQ Eradicator LMG.

Display your advanced lifeform with pride by applying the “Electric Light Organism” Large Decal, “Glow Shtick” Weapon Sticker, and “Now You Sea Me” Weapon Charm. The Bundle also includes a Double Battle Pass XP Token and a powerful one-time use Flawless Aetherium Crystal that instantly empowers your weapon with Pack-A-Punch Level 3.

CDL Cataclysm Pack

Bring about the demise of your enemies with the dystopian “Cacotopia” Operator Skin for Doc, featuring a cell-shaded art style boasting a gas mask and tactical gear scrounged up from the wasteland. Take on enemies with the “Dystopia” Striker 9 SMG Blueprint, featuring improved bullet velocity and recoil control and sporting a precision sight.

Give your foes a taste of living on the edge by equipping the “Iron Lung” Charm, “Vroom” Animated Calling Card, “Alpha” Large Decal, “Guiding Light” Emblem, and the “Scratch Tally” Weapon Sticker.

Additional Store Content

Look for other Store Bundles coming in the mid-season, including the Tracer Pack: Wubz and Friends and the Tracer Pack: Hare-raiser Party Packs. Receive XP bonuses when playing in a party with others wearing Operators Skins from the same Party Pack.

New Weekly Challenges and Events

Refer to the in-game Weekly Challenges throughout the mid-season to view the remaining rewards arriving in Season 3, including new Aftermarket Parts plus a new Weapon Blueprint and Weapon Camo.

Mid-Season Weekly Challenges

AK Patriot (Aftermarket Part)

Compatibility: M16 (Assault Rifle)

Converts the M16 into a fully automatic rifle with a heavy ported barrel built to provide superior recoil control and firing aim stability.

JAK Wardens (Aftermarket Part)

Compatibility: Lockwood Mk2 (Marksman Rifle)

Become the enemy’s biggest nightmare with this AMP allowing akimbo to use the powerful level-action Shotgun.

JAK Atlas Kit (Aftermarket Part)

Compatibility: AMR9 (SMG)

Converts the AMR9 into an extremely lethal and accurate 5-round burst carbine chambered in 556.

New Weapon Blueprint and Camo: Plus, keep an eye out for the “Squad Games” Weapon Blueprint and complete all Weekly Challenges to unlock the Allegiances Weapon Camo (shown above).

Season 3 Reloaded Events

Vortex: Vi.Rus Mainframe Event

Rewards: 12

It’s not a system error. Starting imminently and running throughout the start of Season 3 Reloaded, Vi. Rus has made his way into the Vortex. Earn XP to unlock rewards. Equip the Bacillus skin from the Tracer Pack: Horsemen: Vi. Rus Ultra Skin for a boost.

Call of Duty Endowment (C.O.D.E.)

Look out for the in-game U Assist Veterans Challenge, arriving during the mid-season. The event kicks off May 8 and lasts through May 22 in support of the Call of Duty Endowment’s Military Appreciation Month celebrations. Stay tuned for more details on the in-game event and additional Military Appreciation Month announcements from C.O.D.E. to come on May 6.

Upgrade to Modern Warfare III

With season after season of incredible premium content, it’s never been a better time to purchase Modern Warfare III and experience the rapid, fast-action combat Call of Duty is famous for. In addition to the wide and continuously updated variety of multiplayer content, you can also explore the Exclusion Zone of Modern Warfare Zombies in its open-world setting, as well as a campaign that finds Task Force 141 facing off against the ultimate threat of Season 3’s main operator, Vladimir Makarov.

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