Nvidia Driver Update Fixes Modern Warfare 2 Flashing Issue

Nvidia driver update Modern Warfare 2

Nvidia has pushed a brand-new driver update hotfix that fixes a flashing corruption issue in Modern Warfare 2, according to their website.

Some users playing Modern Warfare 2 using Nvidia graphics cards may have a specific intermittent issue. Occasionally, the screen will flash, with some corruption. This issue appears to be fairly widespread, as it has warranted a hotfix from Nvidia themselves.

Since this is not a standalone driver release, you will not be able to download it from Nvidia’s GeForce Experience. Instead, you will have to head to Nvidia’s support site in order to download it. The hotfix also includes a fix for VTube Studio, in addition to a general GPU fix.

Users report that a flickering issue still persists

Beenox, the studio behind the PC Port of Modern Warfare 2 identified the issue last week. They recommended that you stay on an older Nvidia driver until a fix was available.

It appears that while the flashing issue has now been resolved, that an intermittent flickering issue continues to persist. This could be an issue with the GPU driver, or the game. We do not have enough details to see how or why this issue happens. Though the intermittent stutters appear to be a frame timing issue.

It’s still unclear if this issue is replicated on AMD graphics cards, too. If it is, then it’s likely that the game will require an update to patch the issue out.

It’s unclear when, and if this issue will be resolved. However, Nvidia is clearly still working on getting Modern Warfare 2 up to scratch on PC. It’s still a far cry from the PC ports of yore. If you have consistent performance issues, it may be worth building your own brand-new gaming PC. Or, you can upgrade with a new CPU or GPU. You’ll get more frames, but game-specific issues may still not be resolved.


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