BGMI A7 Royal Pass Rewards: Exclusive Leaks & More

Despite the release of the BGMI 3.2 update, the A7 Royal Pass has not been introduced yet. Fans are eagerly anticipating the leaked rewards, which reportedly include an upgradable PP-19 Bizon skin, Molotov skin, and a level 100 outfit.

A7 Royal Pass leaked details like prizes, prices and more

Leaks suggest that the A7 Royale Pass is anticipated to coincide with the 3.2 update of BGMI. This upcoming Royal Pass is rumored to feature levels extending up to 100. Additionally, the theme for the 3.2 update is speculated to revolve around Transformers, including corresponding rewards.

Introducing the A7 Royal Pass, where gaming dreams come true! Dive into the action with two incredible options: unlock levels 1-50 in month one, then conquer 51-100 in month two, or go all in with the complete Royal Pass purchase. For the monthly plan, enjoy unlimited access for just 360 UC, or opt for the full pass at 720 UC. And for the elite gamers out there, don’t forget about the Elite Pass: 960 UC monthly or 1920 UC for a two-month gaming extravaganza!

Major Leaked Rewards of A7 Royal Pass

  • M24, Vector and G36C weapon skins.
  • Buggy skin.
  • The A7 Royale Pass will feature an upgradable PP-19 Bizon SubMachine Gun (SMG) skin. 
  • Male outfit at Rank 100 is eligible for an upgrade with materials.

The A7 Royal Pass boasts fantastic rewards accessible to all players. Obtain complimentary rewards by completing missions or opt for premium rewards through the Royal Pass subscription. Anticipate the unveiling of new features and weapons coinciding with the release of the 3.2 update.

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