Toronto Ultra won CDL 2021 2nd Major final against Atlanta Faze

The second major league of CDL 2021 Stage 2 is wrapping up which would pronounce for the second $500,000 Major of the campaign. You can keep yourself in the loop of Call of Duty League by binding with the details stated: Toronto Ultra won CDL 2021

  • FaZe beat Empire again & advance to a second-straight Grand Final of CDL 2021.
  • Minnesota RØKKR’s last-second 1v3 eliminates OpTic in incredible series.
  • Ultra end Thieves’ Cinderalla runs with big Losers Bracket sweep.
  • The triple kill win from Minnesota RØKKR’s Accuracy against Optic Chicago leads Minnesota RØKKR’s to play against the Toronto Ultra for the semi-final of the loser’s bracket match this Sunday.
  • Winner b/w Minnesota RØKKR & Toronto Ultra will play against Dallas Empire for the final loser’s bracket to play against Atlanta Faze for the major 2 finales.

Stage 2 Major Final day Updates live:

  • Stage 2 major finals started b/w Toronto Ultra and Minnesota Rokkr.
  • First checkmate hardpoint match won by Minnesota Rokkr by a smart move from the side of Standy he plays his life and Rokkr’s won the first hardpoint by 250-219,
  • Toronto Ultra bounce back in search & destroy winning against Rokkr’s with a good 6-4,
  • Toronto Ultra took the lead of 2-1 after winning 3rd match of the day on Control,
  • Toronto Ultra sealed the victory and 3rd position as they won the 4th match of hardpoint against Rokkr’s.

Major Elimination final Toronto Ultra vs Dallas Empire

  • Dallas Empire won the first checkmate hardpoint against Ultra with 250-203 on point table,
  • Toronto Ultra dominated the raid search & destroy with 6-3, 14-3 performance from Cleanx.
  • 2-1 for Toronto Ultra, 1 map away from a Grand Finals appearance!
  • Toronto Ultra won the 4th round again making sure be on top 2 also sealed cash prices of 120,000$, now in finals against Atlanta Faze.

Final match of Stage 2 Major Atlanta Faze vs Toronto Ultra

Passing three weeks with non-stop Call of Duty league play matches, the game Call of Duty League has arrived at its second Major episode of the season.


  • Atlanta Faze won the first checkmate hardpoint against Ultra, scoring 250-198
  • Second search & destroy round won by Toronto Ultra, by 6-3

The prize pool for the teams

Atlanta FaZe is leading in Stage 2, Faze is ready to chase their opponents by conquering the smallest bits on every map. Faze expecting to consecutively follow their dominance at the Stage 1 Major, but to their bucket, it was a harsh realization when in the third week they were defeated. Like they say Winners know it all they bounced back which was remarkably appreciated. The faze roaster( Simp, Cellium, aBeZy, Arcitys) is just unbeatable, the team of Four-Faze are making it to the top with the smg and ar gameplays.

CDL Stage 2 Major: Official Live stream

CDL Stage 2 Major: Bracket

Where teams start in the bracket is based on how they played during the group-play matches in Stage 2: the top three teams of each group start in the Winners Bracket and the other three in Losers.

Upcoming schedule of CDL Major 2

CDL Stage 2 Major sunday schedule

CDL Stage 2 Overall Placements

CDL Stage 2 roasters and team

Team Roster

  • Atlanta FaZe Simp, Cellium, aBeZy, Arcitys
  • Dallas Empire Crimsix, Shotzzy, Huke, iLLeY
  • Minnesota RØKKR Accuracy, Attach, Priestahh, Standy
  • Toronto Ultra Bance, Cammy, CleanX, Insight

What’s your thought?
Which Team will Win?

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