Take a Look at the Call of Duty League 2021 Champions Kit

The 2021 Call of Duty League Championship is on the horizon and this year’s winners will receive far more than just bragging rights. The champions of the tournament will be issued an elevated champions kit fit for a king — quite literally.

The winners of the competition will be awarded a unique throne, along with a remarkable commemorative box designed by Joe Perez, which will house the coveted champion’s ring. Additionally, the League has decided to provide the winners with a gift that will cater to their lifestyle outside the arena: custom GMP Jordan 6s.

Call of Duty League 2021 Champions Kit
Call of Duty League 2021: Champions Kit
Call of Duty League 2021 Champions Kit

The tournament is incomplete without a trophy, and this one stands out with its unique and modern design. HYPEBEAST got a look at the covetable setup along with a closer look at the CDL x PRIVATE LABEL collaboration.

The official 2021 Champs kit has been designed by Joe Perez, who is the former creative director of Kanye West. CDL has used top-notch talent for the design of this kit. Perez has described the overall look of the kit as a combination of industrial and future tech aesthetics. The kit includes a commemorative automatic sliding case, a matching lighting unit, and championship weekend textures. The crowning jewel of the kit is a ring adorned with black diamonds that the players will be working for. The kit also includes custom Jordan 6 GMP sneakers.

“Glory Isn’t Given”

The shoes were first released in 2012 for the Summer Olympics in London, and this particular Air Jordan 6 colorway was released as part of the “Golden Moments Pack.” Those who emerge as champions will have their unique shoes decorated with the CDL Champions call-out and team logos, their gamer tag, the 2021 champions hit, and CDL’s slogan, “Glory Isn’t Given.” Overall, the kit serves as a remarkable tribute to the winners’ success. It represents a moment of the highest achievement in a game that requires the utmost skill and strategic planning.

Call of Duty League 2021 Champions

“My hope is that the winners will regard the kit as the ultimate reward for the realization of all of their hard work and years of training.”

says Perez

The centerpiece of the tournament is the trophy, which is highly esteemed. The Call of Duty League took a unique approach to its design, creating an artistic and sculptural form. They inverted the league’s logo to create a timeless, powerful, and epic design that represents the effort required to win the trophy. The triple-tiered trophy is also interactive. It features a detachable top logo piece, which can be displayed or held separately from the base.

Call of Duty League 2021 Champions

The first-of-its-kind championship throne was designed by Sheron Barber, known for his work with taste-making stars like Post Malone and Travis Scott. Aesthetically, the throne takes cues from CDL’s branding and its family of awards, including trophies and rings — but not without thoughtfully considering its user. Barber assiduously designed the offering to accommodate the comfort and functionality of a pro player. He also took his own personal experience as a gamer into consideration, injecting a bit of nostalgia by referencing the arcade games he played as a kid as a point of inspiration. This comes through in the throne’s statement-making monolithic design and cubist appearance. It also provides its recipients with a sense of pride through details like the year, the player’s kill streak, and more personal touches to make each iteration truly distinct.

Champs Final: CDl 2021

The CDL Championship will take place on August 19 and 22. Check out the League’s YouTube page for coverage of the tournament.

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