Pokimane Not Interested in Joining Esports Organization

Pokimane says she has no interest in joining an esports organization despite abundant offers. Imane “Pokimane” Anys during a recent live stream claimed that she does not plan to join a gaming organization like many of her fellow content creators do.

Pokimane Not Interested Esports

In recent months, a range of Twitch stars have announced big-money moves to various esports organizations. 100 Thieves have recently snapped up creators such as fuslie, kyedae, and TinaKitten who recently announced her move on September 16, 2021.

  • TimThetatman recently joined Complexity Gaming.

However, Pokimane claimed that she does not plan to join any esports organization despite receiving a number of lucrative offers. The popular Twitch streamer suggested that she does not want a company to influence her career, but instead wants to focus on her own brand.

Pokimane claims she will not join an esports organization despite receiving multiple offers

Recently, NRG revealed that they had signed content creators Daequan and Hamlinz, two stars who had been out of the public eye for more than a year. Other esports organizations such as TSM and Envy have also signed content creators in recent months, with the extremely popular streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel under a long-term contract with Luminosity Gaming.

I’ve got a lot of offers from organizations, but I always felt like I don’t want to. Even throughout my whole come-up, I got offers. Look, I don’t know, I want to just be me. I don’t want to be under another company. I don’t want anybody telling me what to do, how to live. Do you think every creator has to be in an org? I actually think a lot of creators get lowballed by organizations. But I understand if they don’t value branding much.”

As to be expected, Pokimane has indeed received multiple expensive offers in the past but thinks that joining an esports organization might eventually result in conflicting interests, which could damage her personal brand.

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