How to find a Tryhard player in COD: Warzone

In Call of Duty: WARZONE, a “TRYHARD” is someone who keeps trying to flaunt their skill in the game even when it’s not required, and here in this article we will tell you how you can find these tryhards while competing against them in Warzone. You should always keep an eye on these points.

1- Rook as a mandatory Operator

In case you play Warzone on regular basis or you know this game pretty well, then you must encounter some of the players hiding in the dark sides of the room with their guns ready to hunt you down. Here we are talking about the Rook Skin of Roze operator available in COD: Warzone, every Tryhards uses this skin as this skin has some its ups especially when you prefer jumping on the hot drops like super-store & hospital, or places with dark shadow corners.

rook skin cod warzone
roze warzone call of duty

Players even demanded Activision to ban this skin from the warzone, so you can get an idea of how frustrating it is to play against this skin.

2- Riot Shields & Stun Grande

Every player who is using rook skin must not be Tryhard, but if the rook operator is using Riot Shields and stuns you in some corner of the room then you should be ready for some sweats.

3- Reactive Camo

Warzone recently introduced their reactive camo’s in the game, and these tryhards love to showoff this while in the match. Mostly an FFAR is pretty much in heat as this AR is totally bugged when it comes to hunt enemies down. Just play with FFAR’s attachments and this AR can perform as an SMG.

The next reactive camo is AUG as this gun is also dominating nowadays in Verdansk and players are quite unhappy as these Tryhards won’t let you run away with these overpowered guns in their hands.

4- Switching Guns

The easiest way to find or filter them is out while they are running on the map, as these tryhards keep switching their guns. Even when they are looking at ao to hunt enemies down. The reason is pretty simple as they play in controllers and it’s better to switch guns to make their fingers ready to start firing on you.

Slide cancel is also a point but it’s not just being used by Tryhards its a movement trick and mostly every decent player using it.

5-Words to use while playing


These Tryhards Seemingly jump, shoot, crouches, and lay down on every single engagement, also they play for 8 to 10 hours a day, and when they get killed by someone they call them sweats, but in reality, they are the sweats and Tryhards.

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