Dr Disrespect Stars in Mountain Dew Warzone & CoD Vanguard Ad: Watch Video

The 2 time back to back gaming Champion, YouTube star streamer Dr Disrespect was featured in a new ad for Mountain Dew, which also promoted Call of Duty Warzone & the upcoming CoD Vanguard. The Mountain Dew ad features Dr Disrespect with double XP card tokens.

Dr Disrespect has become one of the biggest and most commanding personalities in all of streaming

Dr Disrespect Mountain Dew Ad Video

The Doc, who shifted his content from Twitch to YouTube in 2021, has a bigger platform than ever before and recently hit the 3.5 million YouTube subscribers mark.

In becoming such a popular public persona, advertisement opportunities have presented themself and now he’s landed a huge one in the form of an ad for Mountain Dew.

Dr Disrespect’s Mountain Dew ad

Mountain Dew released an ad on October 28 that featured Dr Disrespect, and promoted the drink’s famous double-XP code for both Warzone and the soon-to-be-released Vanguard.

The Doc even dressed up like a Call of Duty character to promote the drink, and in the ad chucked a Mountain Dew bottle cap at the camera which shattered the lens.

Mountain Dew isn’t the first ad Doc has done for an energy drink. Back in 2018, The Doc promoted G Fuel by partnering with them for a commercial where he sat atop a mountain of all his trophies.

The commercial revealed the Two-Time’s very own G FUEL branded energy formula.

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