CDL 2021 Stage 4 Major: How to watch in India, schedule, rosters, format

CDL 2021 Stage 4 Major, the ultimate Call Of Duty League tournament ahead of the 2021 Championship. Here’s everything you need to know — from schedule to rosters — for this week of critical LAN action.

The Stage 4 Major has $500,000 up for grabs as well as a ton of valuable CDL Points. While all 12 teams qualify for each Major, only eight will be invited to the $2.5 million CDL Champs — making those CDL Points more valuable than ever.

Last week, the LA Thieves Home Series, saw new rosters struggle in debuts while others bounced back. Dropping into the loser’s bracket, teams like the Thieves and Florida Mutineers have serious ground to make up.

CDL Stage 4 Major official stream

The Stage 4 Major will be broadcasted live on the CDL’s official YouTube channel.

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CDL Stage 4 Major full schedule

CDL Stage 4 Major format & details
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