Aydan trolls Warzone community with cheat website shoutout on his Twitter

Warzone streamer and professional NeyYork Subliners content creator Aydan continues to dominate the streets of Verdansk. Aydan is one of the top players in the game, he is constantly accused of being a cheater, and once again trolled the community by thanking a cheat website in a tweet.

Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad made his name in Esports by playing Fortnite, he claimed the throne of Titled Towers over NICKMERCS. Since then, he has joined the New York Subliners as a content creator.

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The NYSL member also holds the crown in Warzone as the game’s highest earner of all-time with over $270K in prize money from tournaments.
Hackers running loose in Verdansk, Aydan is no stranger to trolling his community whenever he gets accused of cheating and his latest tweet keeps him on that same path.

Aydan thanks website that provides Warzone hacks:

“Couldn’t have afforded the house without them.”


Aydan paid tribute to everyone that thinks he cheats and sarcastically called out the website as the reason for his success. Obviously, he has been a well-known player for quite some time and other members in the community have spoken on how Aydan does not cheat.

Aydan with Girlfriend Dani

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Clearly, this is all in good fun and playing to the trolls as Aydan is one of the most dominant players in the game.

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