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How to watch Finale of Toronto Ultra $100,000 Payout Tournament: Call Of Duty Warzone

A trios kill race tournament of Call Of Duty Started this March 1, and today is on March 2 people are waiting for its finale. The Call of Duty League’s Toronto Ultra will be hosting its second $100,000 Warzone tournament today to celebrate season two of Black Ops Cold War.

After Day 1 here is the Top 16 Teams ready to jump into Verdansk today with some big money on the line. The action will be intense and the kill totals will be high.

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Scores will reset on day two, when teams will play games for two hours, and the best three scores will count toward their final score. Then, the top-eight teams will advance to round two where they’ll play for two more hours and the top score will win the tournament.

Here’s How to watch Day 2 of Tournament;

The second round of games, taking place on March 2 at 12pm CT, will be brodcast live on the Official Call Of Duty Twitch channel.

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