Shagufta Iqbal (Xyaa) Ready for Summer in Bright Orange Mini-Dress

Xyaa shines in a vibrant orange mini dress, flaunting a fit-and-flare floral design with distressed details. Check out pics

Shagufta Iqbal, also known as Xyaa, recently shared a new picture on her Instagram account that engaged her followers and friends.

Another day, another slay! Shagufta Iqbal aka Xyaa is fast turning out to be the Gen Z IT girl we didn’t even know we needed. And while her high fashion looks are almost always a hit, this time, we have our eyes on her very bright and orange look that is perfect for Summer.

Shagufta Iqbal Summer Orange Mini-Dress

We may still be in May, but the streamer seems to be into the hotness of June already. Can’t say we blame her considering Mumbai barely has any June to begin with! But, her new mini dress look is so Summer fresh that we can’t even be mad. Check out Xyaa in a floral orange dress.

Xyaa’s summer-ready look

As the OG streamer was spotted out and posted her pics on Ig, looking mighty FINE, in a pricey dress. Xyaa wore a fit-and-flare floral dress with distressed detailing, pairing it with a sleek updo and strappy heels. Take a look at her latest ensemble right here!

Quite impressed, aren’t you? After all, who can resist a cute lill mini-dress? just know that the look certainly does not come cheap! In fact, Xyaa’s dress costs a whopping Rs 10, 499 if we are being specific.

Fans reaction on Xyaa’s Instagram post:

Within just an hour of sharing the pictures, they went insanely viral, accumulating over 16.4k likes and hundreds of comments on Instagram alone.

Fans reaction: Xyaa Is SO Ready For Summer In a Bright Orange Mini Dress

Xyaa is one of the most popular creators in the streaming space, boasting over 289K Youtbe and 129K followers on Instagram. Besides streaming, Xyaa also uploads her daily life vlogs like her recent trip to Bali with friends and husband on YouTube.

Xyaa in a Black leather dress

Recently, Xyaa posted her pics in a black dress. Xyaa in a Sexy Black Dress went for an all-black coordinated set completing the look with high-heeled long boots, one of the Top 5  Female Streamers of India further took her appearance to high, creating a well-balanced outfit for the Instagram post. As expected, the comment section exploded praising her looks. Check out her pictures,

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