Why is Valentino Rossi not able to win the 10th world title?

Valentino Rossi is undoubtedly one of the best racers ever to grace the sport, The 9time world Champion is hunting for his 10th title since 2009. MotoGP bikes have long reached a saturation level in terms of raw power and there is a little gap. Here we are going to talk Why is Valentino Rossi not able to win the 10th world title?


Why is Valentino Rossi not able to win the 10th world title? Now the dark arts is to make the bike drivable by allowing only a limited level of slip and conserve the tyre degradation. The electronics on the bike pretty much does all the donkey work and even predicts the amount of grip in coming laps, recalculates and overrides the rider inputs so as to not lose the front or let the rear tyre slip shredding the tyres before the completion of the race.

Why is Valentino Rossi not able to win

As per the rules now every team FACTORY OR NON-FACTORY will have the same electronics and some more things that are the same as factory teams by which they are also been competitive as you can see the last championship Valentino won was in 2009 after that people who won championship are

  • Jorge lorenzo- 2010
  • Casey stoner- 2011
  • Jorge lorenzo- 2012
  • Marc marquez- 2013,2014
  • Jorge lorenzo- 2015
  • Marc marquez- 2016,2017,2018,2019
  • Joan mir- 2020

Now as you can see the rider who won the championship give a very tough battle to Rossi and they are very talented.

Why is Valentino Rossi not able to win

Fuel Restriction

With a stricter fuel restriction placed on the top-performing teams, the balance of the rider skill vs the bike is skewed more towards the bike. That means the skill of the rider is no longer the deciding factor but the electronics is. So the team that spends more on electronics has a definite edge over the rest.


The sport was losing its luster and prompted Dorna to introduce a spec ECU to end this spending game and make the sport an equal ground to all. But even then stating reliability issues factory teams still have exclusive access to the software and their version is more refined compared to the open teams.

Honda with a perfect factory Bike

Honda always had a race-winning bike, after Stoner’s arrival they were invincible. Once Stoner retired Marquez arrived with a bang and proved to be an even bigger threat. Age was catching up with Rossi and his rivals were still young and reckless. 2015 was a golden chance for Rossi to cinch a 10th title, but a controversial clash with Marquez cost him the championship.

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