Pokimane’s Stance: Addressing Twitch Haters & Refusing Change

Pokimane explains why she won’t change things to appease Twitch haters

A fan warned Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys people might complain about what she was wearing on stream. The Twitch star didn’t take the comment laying down, tearing into why she won’t change anything about her stream to appease haters.

Pokimane Twitch Haters

Poki has dealt with her fair share of haters throughout the years, not only from viewers but other streamers too.

However, after a fan pointed out that the top she was wearing could draw criticism from haters — implying that it was more ‘low-cut’ than usual, she vowed never to change her ways to appease them, and she explained why.

“That shirt is just going to be another excuse for the inferior men?” said Pokimane while reading out a fan’s comment about her haters. “I don’t think this is a very good way to look at things, and let me tell you why.”

Pokimane Twitch Haters

“If I wore extremely conservative clothing, they would use my make-up as an excuse. If I wore no make-up, they would use the way that I look without make-up as an excuse. If I didn’t exist and used a VTubing animation, they would say that my VTuber is the reason why.”

After listing all those different scenarios, she explained: “The mental gymnastics have no extent, so I may as well do whatever the fk I want, wear whatever the fk I want, and say whatever the f**k I want.”

Pokimane Twitch Haters

It’s not the first time Pokimane has taken a firm stance against haters. On January 20, she slammed people telling her to “move on” from her feud with Jidion, claiming that they were trying to downplay the harassment she received.

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