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Leaks from COD Mobile Season 6: New Operator, Perks, Maps, 120FPS

COD Mobile Season 6 Test Server Leaks & Updates: While everyone is busy arguing about the mid-season Fennec buff, Activision has already released the Season 6 public test build of Call of Duty: Mobile. As there was no testing period for Season 5, the developers had told us that they were busy with major gameplay changes & new upgrades that Season 6 will bring. Well, it seems Activision was telling the truth indeed as the next season will feature the popular Ground Wars mode in COD Mobile as well as new perks, operator skills, scorestreaks & more. In this article, we have covered some of the updates that have been released on the test server.

120 FPS in COD: Mobile

The next season will add the option of Ultra Frame Rate (120 FPS) in Multiplayer Mode. However, the option will be limited to Medium Graphics & can’t be applied for Higher Graphic Quality settings.

Customizable Kill Effects in COD: Mobile

The next season will offer players the option to customize the Kill Effects. This option can be applied on any regular gun & won’t necessarily need Legendary Skins.

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The same will be applied for Battle Royale mode as well, where players can choose between different colors for hit effects instead of the default red.

New Operator Skill – Dyneema Armour

This armor operator skill is coming in the next season. While the developers haven’t included any description for this item, the Dyneema vest will very likely offer players major protection from their opponents by decreasing damage infliction.

New Scorestreak – Swarm

The new Scorestreak – Swarm will have similar functionality to the Hunter-Killer Drone. Once deployed, it can glide through the air and automatically hits & eliminates the opponents upon impact.

New Secondary Throwable – Shield Grenade

This is a new secondary throwable that can be equipped in the load-outs. Once thrown, this grenade creates a spherical dome that enemies won’t be able to see through. However, they can indeed shoot you through it.

New Red Perk – Martyrdom

The Martyrdom automatically drops a live grenade once you get killed. If your opponents aren’t careful, you can score an instant kill by blowing them away even after you just died by their hands

New Multiplayer Modes in COD: Mobile

New multiplayer modes will be featured in Season 6 of COD: Mobile named ‘Face Off’ and ‘Stack’.

New Multiplayer Maps – COD Mobile

Season 6 may also feature the Monastery map in COD: Mobile global which is already released in the Chinese version. Slums & Stacks are some other names leaked that may come in Season 6.

New BR Mode – Solid Gold

Another new BR mode is coming in Season 6. Named Solid Gold, this mode won’t allow players any Class Advantages & Revives. COD Mobile is featuring this as a “Original old school Battle Royale Experience”.

Further leaks suggest that Season 6 will also include a new Sniper Rifle & an SMG. However, no details are available regarding those. The game will also have some UI Changes & new options added in the Profile Section.

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