Krutika Ojha Shares Goa Vacation Snaps on Instagram: Payal’s Fun Comment

Krutika Ojha aka IG Krutika is one of India’s top female streamers for 2024. S8ul eSports’s exploration of female content creators along with Payal Gaming and Ankkita C demonstrates the org and their girls doing great in their field of gaming.

Krutika Ojha, the female content creator of S8ul eSports, has been adored by fans even before fewer YouTube livestreams. This year, the young streamer is trying to step into the world of daily vlogs with her fellow S8ul gaming creators, like Payal Dhare & Ankkita C. As she prepares for this eagerly anticipated milestone, Igkrutika continues to mesmerize everyone with her impeccable sense of style. Currently, she is enjoying a delightful vacation in Goa alongside her friends and family, delighting her followers with some stunning snapshots from her trip.

On Friday, Krutik treated her followers on Instagram with glimpses from her Goa trip. The first snapshot showcased a carefree moment of Krutika, radiating a summery look in her outfit – a brown tank top, jeans, and trendy sunglasses.

Fan’s reaction on IG Krutika’s Goa Pics:

Fan's reaction on IG Krutika's Goa Pics

Recently, she shared a striking selfie taken at a cafe, along with shots of her table set up and a group picture with her friend Payal Dhare. In the captions, Krutika effortlessly captured her experiences with just one word –

“Goa dump 🏖️”

Check her pics below:

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