Krutika Ojha Bold Look in Floral Printed Boat Neck Top and Flared Palazzo: IGKrutika

Krutika Ojha aka IG Krutika is one of India’s top female streamers for 2024. S8ul eSports’s exploration of female content creators along with Payal Gaming and Ankkita C demonstrates the org and its girls are doing great in their gaming field.

Krutika Ojha aka IgKrutika content creator of India’s top eSports organisation S8ul. In her Instagram post, Krutika recently opted for a Printed Boat Neck Top and Flared Palazzo. The fitted bodice dress falls perfectly on Krutika’s toned figure with swathes of tulle ruffles, adding a cocktail element to Krutika’s glamorous look. IgKrutika in multicoloured bikini top pictures below:

IgKrutika in Floral Printed Boat Neck Top and Flared Palazzo:

Krutika Ojha, also known as IG Krutika, standing in front of palm trees wearing a crop top and pants.

Strap Pleat Sheer Dress on Krutika, becoming a fashion staple in Gen Z’s closets including Payal Gaming, Ankkita C and Kani gaming. Even Sharkshe recently wore a gown with a bodice at one of the eSports award functions. Igkrutika keeps updating her followers with her latest fashion statements and gaming streams. Check her more pics below:

Recently, Igkrutika was seen dazzling the Satin Printed Co-Ord Bikini Top. She made her S8ul awards debut in a nude gown dress with appliquéd motifs and a sheer train. The outfit perfectly summed up her gorgeous style—edgy with a touch of glamour—and following appearances followed similarly. She picked a leather and satin combination with puffy, off-shoulder sleeves and a fitted skirt for the Streamers Style Awards. Pictures below:

Recently IGKrutika was seen flaunting her Strap Pleat Sheer Dress:

Krutika loves wearing everything from crop tops to strapless, form-fitting silhouettes that complement Krutika’s lean frame.

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