Game-Changer Alert: HusKerrs’ Top WSP SWARM Loadout Revealed


Accuracy - 7
Damage - 8
Range - 5
Mobility - 7
Control - 6


The Good

  • High Damage

The Bad

  • Less Range
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HusKerrs’s WSP SWARM Class Setup For Call Of Duty: Warzone. Twitch Streamer HusKerrs, real name Jordan Thomas is one of the first players to reach the $100,000 mark in total earnings from Warzone tournaments. Here’s his WSP SWARM class setup for Warzone.

If you’ve played Call Of Duty: Warzone and lost gunfights just because you don’t know about what is the current meta of guns, then you should try out HusKerrs’s WSP SWARM class setup. WSP SWARM came into the meta just after Call Of Duty Nerfed the DMR. Huskerrs’s class setup for WSP SWARM will help you to know this weapon better and, this will help you take out all of your enemies even quicker and more comfortably in Battlefield.

Dive into the world of gaming dominance with HusKerrs’ top-secret WSP SWARM loadout! Discover the ultimate combination of weapons and strategies that will take your gameplay to a whole new level.

Master Warzone Domination: Try HusKerrs’ WSP SWARM Loadout Now:

HusKerrs’ Pro Tip: Optimize Your Game with WSP SWARM Loadout!

Although It won’t be easy to control this weapon, It’s absolutely beast when it comes to close and middle-range encounters with enemies. This is the class setup for WSP SWARM from one of the best players in Call Of Duty: Warzone, HusKerrs. Conquer with HusKerrs’ WSP SWARM Class Setup!

Finish Strong: Dominate Warzone with HusKerrs’ WSP SWARM Loadout!


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