Doctor Disrespect deleted Warzone: vintage doctor disrespect’s rage

Last night Champions club witnessed The two- time, doctor disrespect’s vintage rage. Doctor Disrespect was playing Call Of Duty: Warzone as he was working on a Triple Threat challenge, but couldn’t control himself to delete the unbalanced game of call of duty in the middle of his live-stream.

For champions club, it’s not something to amaze themselves as everybody knows how frustrated the Doc was. He encountered sound issues and overpowered meta on Verdansk many times. On his live stream on 29th March all of this pre-build anger burst out and The Two Time finally deleted Call Of Duty: Warzone from his system.

“I’m kind of over this game,” he said an hour into his stream. “It’s f***ing boring.” Said, doctor

“The FFAR meta is horrific, I hate it! The AUG, can’t stand it.” Said, doctor

In recent two time complaints about how terrific this game is when it comes to sound and balance of guns, it can be balanced by the game developers but looks like devs are into making a new map instead of balancing the one-year-old map of Verdansk and weapons.

Doctor disrespect who is pretty good in battle royale games are nowadays playing games like Valorant and Pubg, and last night he was working on a solo triple threat challenge.

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Before deleting the warzone from his million dollor setup the two time said

“I’m so over this f***ing game,”

As champions club members we won’t be seeing him drop back into Verdansk in the near future for sure. On his last weekend stream while Doc was playing with ZLaner he said “Perfect example of what not to do with a very successful game,” when he was targeting the game developers because they make this game more of trash with updates.

  • “All you’ve gotta do is do something,” he told devs before swapping over to Valorant.

While a new map is all but locked in for the upcoming season, even that might not be enough to save Warzone, according to Dr Disrespect.
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