CDL All-Star Weekend: How to vote and earn free Double XP Cards

The Call of Duty League’s 2021 All-Star Weekend is going to give fans the opportunity to vote, watch, and earn Black Ops Cold War Double XP Cards throughout the event. Here’s how to collect that free Double XP Tokens while watching the CDL 2021 this weekend.

  • All-Star Weekend is going to have two events: the
  • CDL All-Star Pro Skills bracket,
  • 4v4 Casters draft tournament.

And fans will get to vote on the action.

There’s going to be a total of 16 players repping the 12 CDL teams throughout the weekend, and the fans are going to get involved to see which pros will be participating in the games.

Fans will vote in 12 players, one from each team, and CDL players, coaches and broadcast talent will vote in the other four.

How to vote for CDL All-Star pros

At the moment, CDL fans can go to the All-Star Weekend vote page to select the players that will be featured in the event. Once the selection process is over, fans will be able to start assessing the best players in the All-Star Weekend.

The site has every team and their players listed, and you can go through every org to pick the best among them.

No account or sign-in is needed to submit your picks for all 16 teams in the league.

CDL All-Star Weekend Double XP Tokens

Free 15-minute Double XP Tokens will go to the people who correctly predict the winners of each match, so there’s some incentive to vote in the players you think can easily win their 1v1 matchup.

Once everyone is voted in, you’re going to have to fill out your bracket and trust in your picks when the action goes down. Every correct prediction will earn you one 15-minute Double XP Token to apply to your account while playing Black Ops Cold War.

CDL All-Star Weekend Bracket

The only way to get free Double XP Tokens will be to fill out your bracket once they become available on May 18 at 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST / 8 PM BST. After you’ve filled out your bracket, all you have to do is watch the CDL All-Star Weekend events to see which players and Broadcast teams come out on top to see if your picks were right.

CDL All-Star Weekend date & schedule

For two straight afternoons, the best in CDL are going toe-to-toe in 1v1 GunFight matches and in 4v4 Caster Drafts starting on Saturday, May 22, and ending on Sunday, May 23. The first day will have three hours of all 1v1 Pro Skills matches, and winners will get to advance to Sunday for the quarters. The Caster Draft tournament kicks off at the end of Day 1 and will wrap up with a Finals match to open Day 2.

Don’t forget to get your picks in and fill out your bracket when they become available for your chance to earn Black Ops Cold War Double XP Tokens throughout CDL All-Star Weekend.


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