Call Of Duty: Mobile, Top 5 sweatiest operators of all time


In Call of Duty: Mobile, a “sweat” is someone who keeps trying to flaunt their skill in the game even when it’s not required, and some operators are characteristic of the class. You should always keep an eye on them.


The term “sweat” comes from the idea that these players exert so much effort to win the games, that they generate a lot of sweat. These players will do whatever it takes to win and normally put more hours into Call of Duty: mobile compare to other players.


Over time, these players started to main skins that were smaller in frame and has smaller hit boxes, so as to become a more difficult target to hit. COD: mobile skins associated with sweats, particularly those unavailable for use by regular players, are particularly common. Most sweats are identified by the skins shown below, but they make use of plenty of other less common skins as well.

5 – Ghost


If this operator spotted in-game of COD: mobile, this is totally a hard match to win. Not many players have ghost operators, not counting Ghost Stealth as it’s free for everyone.

Ghost operator was available on season 1 of COD: mobile and many few OG’s uses this operator mostly to hunt down their enemies & because some streamers also used this and declared it one of the best operator.

4 – Captain park or Ranger or Captain price


Whenever you see these Captains operators in Call Of Duty: mobile just hide, Captain Price and Ranger are the og operators and you should be worried about their sniping skills.



3 – Phantom Championship


The phantom Championship is an operator which is very rare and mostly not everyone has it. It was available during the First Championship of Call Of Duty: Mobile 2020, and if you see someone running around with this operator you should understand he or she is going to shred you doesn’t matter how.

2 – Nikto Dark side:


One of the first legendary operator of Call Of Duty: Mobile, Nikto dark side. Og Nikto is something to worry about but not this guy. Guys who are using Nikto must know about game mods and how to play with respawns and mind games. The more you poke them during the game the more crazily they will crush you.



1 – Urban tracker


The Urban tracker wasn’t a sweat operator of COD: mobile but all the streamers and during the cod mobile championship it is declared as a sweat operator. The reason is small hitboxes of body, this opera was available in season 2 of COD: Mobile so it’s like whoever using it must have an idea of what they are doing during games. Players who use urban are either really good or merely think they are really good at this game.


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