Top 10 Ullu Actresses Name with Bold Pice & more 2024

Top 10 Best Web Series Actress From India 2024

New web series are debuting every week in India as OTT platforms have become more popular. New actresses are cast in each of these online series. There are numerous platforms in India, such as the Ullu app, Kooku app, PrimeShots app, CinePrime app etc. that cast attractive and skilled actresses for exotic online series.

Top 10 Ullu Web Series Actress Name

Top 10 Indian Web Series Actresses 2024, Web series actresses from India’s biggest OTT platforms are listed in the list below. This list is based on our beliefs. If you disagree, you must state your position in the comments section.

Aliya Naaz

A well-known actress in the Bhojpuri film business is Aliya Naaz. She has acted in numerous Bhojpuri movies. Aliya can be seen in modern online series. The bulk of the work was completed by Aliya using the Prime Shots app. “bahu Jaan,” her most recent web series, was made available via the Prime Shots app. “Mrs Teacher” is the most well-known online series by Aliya. Which she has transitioned into tutoring. For information about each of Aliya Naaz’s online series, click here.

Ayesha Kapoor

Ayesha Kapoor is a well-known and popular actor on the Primeshots app. Ayesha Kapoor may be seen in the majority of the Prime Shots app’s web series. Her performance and attractive looks are well-received by the crowd. The Primeshots app now has Ayesha Kapoor’s popular web series “Dil Do,” “Jhol,” and “Seal 2.” All of Ayesha Kapoor‘s web series may be found here.

Sneha Paul

You’ve probably heard a lot about Sneha Paul recently. Sneha Paul is a well-known actress. She has only appeared in three web series, yet she has a massive fan base. Sneh Paul is most known for his online series “charmsukh chawl home,” “laal half,” and “charm Sukh Chawl house 2.” All of these online series are available to watch straight on the Ullu app. Click here to see all of Sneha Paul’s web series.

Jinnie Jaaz

Jinnie Jaaz is the popular web serial “charmsukh jane anjane mein” actress. This web series is the primary cause of the Ullu app’s popularity. This web series drew people to the Ullu app when it first appeared on the market. Jinnie Jaaz’s work in this web series was well received. People wanted to see Jinnie Jaaz in every Ullu app web series. There have been four seasons of “Charmsukh jane anjane mein.” Jinnie Jaaz was also seen in the film Charmsukh aate ki chaki. All of Jinnie Jaaz’s web series may be found here.

Rajsi Verma

If you haven’t heard of Rajasi Verma, you’re probably new to the ott world. Rajsi Verma appears in every web series that has lately been launched on OTT. Rajsi has experience with all of the OTT platforms. She has primarily used Ullu and the Kooku app. Rajsi Verma’s well-known online series include “who teacher” and “palang tod double dhamaka.” Rajsi Verma’s whole web series may be found by clicking here.

Ankita Dave

The popular Instagram model and star is currently starring in a web series. Ankita Dave began her web series career with the ullu app’s web series “Singardhan.” She has since worked with a variety of OTT platforms. “Matakni ki matke,” her most renowned online serial, was released on the rabbit app. Ankita Dave’s entire web series can be found by clicking here.

Mishti Basu

Mishti Basu is the actor who won the hearts of many people while watching the Ott online series. The vistas of the web series in which Mishti takes place to reach into the sky. Mishti has experience with all OTT platforms. “Rangili Ragini,” her most recent web series, was released on the Voovi app. Click here for more information on Mishti Basu’s online series.

Simran Khan

Simran Khan is listed among the top actresses on the Ullu app. People really appreciated Simran’s online serial “Palangtod Caregiver.” Her fan base has grown tremendously after the release of this web series. Learn more about Simran Khan’s online series by clicking here.

Mahi Kaur

Mahi Kaur is the star of the popular web serial “Palangtod gaon ki garmi” on Ullu. Mahi was the driving force behind the success of this online series. In this web series, Mahi Kaur portrayed Mami. This was a job that everyone enjoyed. Click here to learn more about Mahi Kaur’s online series.

Muskan Agrawal

Muskan Agrawal is the ullu app’s most popular actress. She debuted in the ullu online serial “Palang tod bekaboo did.” She has since worked with a variety of OTT apps. All of Muskan Agrawal’s web series may be found here.

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