QTCinderella TSM Content Creator: Streamer Signed by TSM

QTCinderella TSM Content Creator

TSM is adding some serious comedic talent to its roster, by adding Twitch streamer QTCinderella. Twitch streamer QTCinderella has officially joined TSM as a content creator, the organization announced today.

QTCinderella TSM Content Creator

Blaire, aka QTCinderella on Twitch, has over 450,000 Twitch followers, 225,000 on Twitter, and 215,000 YouTube subscribers. She’s primarily known for her vibrant sense of humour, impressive baking skills, funny cosplays, and variety of gaming streams. As a former professional baker, QT frequently makes cakes for other creators, like Pokimane, and does baking live streams. QT is also known for her bright blue eyes, which are often named in her community and make up a substantial portion of her Twitch subscriber emotes.

QTCindrella YouTube

In a cinematic four-minute video on TSM’s official YouTube channel, QT explained her journey from childhood to where she is now.

“I grew up in a competitive family, having played video games my whole life,” QT said. “For a long time, I struggled to find out where I fit in.” For QT, finding a community on Twitch really changed her life and allowed her to make the most of her closest friendships.

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The video also depicts her as a longtime TSM fan. “TSM is the reason I became a nerd,” QT said. During her Twitch livestream today where she announced her TSM partnership, she said,

“Hello, my name is QTCinderella and I have joined TSM. Everybody else wishes they have joined TSM, but they’re not.”

“From day one, I started watching League of Legends,” QT said during her Twitch stream. “I had a TSM sticker on the back of my car.” She also wore a TSM jersey back in 2019 on an episode of the popular Just Chatting reality livestream series the Austin Show. QT was a frequent guest on the show and was known for her edgy takes and sharp, competitive personality.

QT admits that when she was single before she started dating Twitch streamer Ludwig, she had a crush on TSM’s Bjergsen. “Bjergsen and Doublelift were my favourite TSM players,” she said. In an old clip, she donated $15 to Bjergsen with a message saying, “Hey bb, I would like to give you a BjergSON. 😉 😉 Holla @ your grill.” Bjergsen effectively rejected her, avoiding her message and ending his stream shortly thereafter. “He doesn’t want my son,” QT said in the old clip. While rewatching the clip today, QT clarified that her donation message was intended to be cringe and said “It’s a joke… that’s not how I hit on men. I don’t say ‘Hey bb.’”

During today’s stream, QT made the announcement and then watched the official announcement video with her chat. Her reaction was self-deprecating and tongue-in-cheek, saying that the younger actress hired to play her at the beginning of the video is prettier than her and that QT feels she “looks old” in the high school re-enactment scenes. She walked her chat through the video shot by shot and laughed a lot, saying “I’m a bad actress.” While self-critical, this is all on-brand for QT, and she admits the announcement is great.

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