Top 3 female BGMI streamers in India

Although playing video games is largely dominated by male influencers, several female gamers have recently acted on their passion for gaming by creating a niche for themselves. They have done so on YouTube or in the professional Esports scene.

With the streaming world racking up millions of viewership every month, there has been a subsequent rise in female streamers playing BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) and other gaming titles.

YouTube live streaming has emerged as a sustainable platform for gamers to connect and show off their skills. It is slowly becoming the fastest-growing entertainment forum, where thousands tune in daily to watch their favorite personalities play.

This article dives into three female BGMI streamers on YouTube with excellent game skills. They also have different personality quirks and unique personalities, which makes their channel interesting and entertaining.

These rising female streamers are playing BGMI

1) Payal Gaming

Payal “Payal” Dhare played PUBG for almost three years and started live-streaming a year ago. Her channel skyrocketed when she started streaming BGMI custom games. She got the audience hooked with her amazing in-game skills and impeccable accuracy.

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Payal is touted to be an extremely skilled FPP player, with the highest tier reached being a conqueror. This is quite a milestone for all gamers. Watch Sportskeeda interview with Payal Gaming, where she shares her journey:

Payal has a whopping one million subscribers on her YouTube channel and is the most followed female streamer in the community.

Whether she is voicing characters in the GTA 5 Roleplay or playing multiplayer games with friends, Payal has evolved into a variety streamer post the PUBG Mobile ban.

Her humorously wacky attitude and humility keep her stream fresh and entertaining. She was recently signed to S8UL Esports as a content creator.

2) Rav3n

With over 230,000 subscribers, Paridhi “Rav3n” Khullar is a content creator for 8bit Esports. Rav3n is a shrewd gamer and plays the game tactically. She is well known for her long-range spray downs with M416 + 6x scope.

While other channels focus on a specific game repertoire, Rav3n tends to genre-hop. She has played several PC titles, including COD Warzone, Sea of Thieves, Deceit, Valorant, and role-playing games.

This explains her incredible ability to learn new games and beat experienced pros. Unfortunately, Rav3n is currently on a break from YouTube. However, her recent Instagram post indicates her return with the launch of BGMI.

3) Sherlock

Monika “Sherlock” Jeph is a former professional BGMI player for SynerGE Esports academy lineup. Sherlock later switched to content creation for S8UL Esports and currently has over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

She is one of the very few female players in the community to take up the game professionally and get a chance to fight it out against some of the strongest players in the country, such as Jonathan, Scout, and many others.

She loves streaming various titles, including Valorant, PUBG PC, and other story mode games.

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