Saif Ali Khan said this for his old wife after marrying Kareena Kapoor, told Amrita used to say wrong things

Bollywood actors always remain a topic of discussion on social media regarding their weddings. This is because whenever a big Bollywood star actor or big actress gets married, all the people get a point to talk about their personal life. But when a Bollywood actor separates from his wife, then everyone starts speaking bad words for that actor and starts throwing greed on him.

saif amrita singh

Something similar happened with Bollywood’s well-known star Saif Ali Khan at the present time. This is because even when Saif Ali Khan had his first marriage, he had made him a topic of discussion with religious things and even when Saif Ali Khan separated from his first wife, he was called very wrong on social media.

saif ali khan with kareena kapoor old picture
Saif Ali Khan with Kareena Kapoor old picture

Saif Ali Khan told in the interview his pain

Saif Ali Khan had told in one of his interviews that his first wife used to speak ill of him everyday and used to speak wrong words to him and his entire family. Small clips of this interview of Saif Ali Khan are becoming very viral on social media, due to which everyone is discussing them. Today, through this article, we will tell you about the pain of Saif Ali Khan Khan, which he shared with the people after separating from his first wife.

Saif Ali Khan with Kareena Kapoor
Saif Ali Khan with Kareena Kapoor

Saif got only pain from Amrita, and shared his sorrow with the people

Saif Ali Khan is a very big Bollywood actor who has given many hits and superhit films to Bollywood in his life, due to which Saif Ali Khan is a big name in the Bollywood world at present. Talking about Saif Ali Khan, he has no shortage of anything, due to which he lives his life exactly like a Nawab. But it is said that God does not give all the happiness to everyone. Same is the case with Saif Ali Khan because he has always been facing family sorrows and pains. Due to this, Saif Ali Khan has become a topic of much discussion on social media these days. Saif Ali Khan’s family celebration started with Bollywood’s well-known actress Amrita Singh. Saif Ali Khan had married Amrita Singh for the first time. Shortly after the marriage, cracks started appearing in the relationship of Saif Ali Khan and the relationship of both of them started falling apart. Then there came a time when both of them got separated from each other.

Safe Ali Khan’s bad memories are associated with Amrita, her pain spilled in the interview

You all will know this thing, Bollywood’s famous actor Saif Ali Khan has done two marriages. This is because Saif had separated from his first wife and broke all relations with her. Saif Ali Khan has blamed Amrita for this because during their married life, Amrita started taunting Saif a lot and along with it started abusing Saif’s parents. Saif told that Amrita always used to taunt him and used to speak the worst husband and father.

During this interview, Saif Ali Khan had also become emotional while telling the truth of Amrita Singh and made it clear that it is not always the husband’s fault in breaking the marriage relationship, but the wife can also be responsible for it.

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