Rihanna on How Having Children Changed Her Body: Insights Revealed

Rihanna on Body Changes discussed the impact of pregnancy on her body’s appearance and shared her thoughts on plastic surgery choices.

For years, Rihanna has been a cultural provocateur, influencing music and fashion alike. Her recent feature in Interview magazine has set tongues wagging once more. From her trailblazing maternity style that sparked a global trend to her heartfelt conversation with Mel Ottenberg about the physical changes of pregnancy and childbirth, every detail offers insight into the multi-dimensional icon.

Rihanna on Body Changes After Having Children

When discussing the physical changes of pregnancy, Rihanna shared insights:

“Third-trimester cellulite becomes prominent, manifesting unexpected ripples predominantly in the thighs, attributed to their role in supporting the weight of the growing baby and uterus.”


Rihanna disclosed her preferences regarding cosmetic procedures, mentioning, “Contemplating a breast lift while expressing reluctance towards a tummy tuck due to concerns about scarring and surgical procedures.”

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