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LA Thieves dominated Seattle Surge to open up Stage 4 without Huke

LA Thieves start post-Huke era with a win

LA Thieves somehow managed to secure a win against the Seattle Surge in a close match at the OpTic Chicago Home Series, 3-2. Both of the teams changed their roster in Stage 4. The LA Thieves surprised everyone by dropping Huke from their roster at the start of Stage 4.

LA Thieves defeat Seattle Surge at Chicago Home Series

Despite the series seeming to favor LA, it was a close match through and through. Seattle kicked off the action with a surprising win in Hardpoint, bringing the LA Thieves’ favorite spot into question. That doubt decreased somewhat when LA went on to win the next Search and Destroy, but the squad still didn’t seem in sync.

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Following the Search and Destroy, one of the more shocking Control maps of the year took place. The Thieves started out hot, winning two rounds in a row, but then Seattle surged back and won the next two. This led to an exhilarating round five, where LA somehow clutched a 4v9 live advantage while on offense.

The series didn’t slow down after that either, as the Surge won the next Hardpoint to force a map five. Despite that, LA took complete control of this Raid Search and Destroy, winning them the series. It was a rocky start in the first match without Huke, but the Thieves found a way to get a win.

However, against stiffer competition, the results might differ. LA needs to shore up some areas, largely their Hardpoint, if they want any chance of defeating the CDL’s top teams. As for Seattle, it was a good showing for the roster’s first match with Nick “Classic” DiCostanzo in the lineup, but simple mistakes again cost them a series.

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