Indian MotoGP 2024: Pol Espargaro Raises Alarm Over Extreme Racing and Heat

Indian Grand Prix 2023 presented extreme challenges for riders due to soaring temperatures and oppressive humidity, prompting concerns and complaints from competitors like Pol Espargaro.

Throughout the tournament, the scorching temperatures and high humidity levels made racing conditions incredibly uncomfortable for all participants. These adverse weather conditions led to various issues, with riders expressing their discontent after the initial day of racing. The severity of the situation became evident when organizers had to make adjustments to the race schedules.

IndianOil Grand Prix of India

Unfortunately, Pol Espargaro’s performance suffered as well. He encountered difficulties, failing to finish one race and achieving subpar results in another. However, Espargaro was not alone in facing challenges; fellow rider Jorge Martin also grappled with severe dehydration post race. Espargaro, known for his outspoken nature, didn’t mince words regarding the harsh conditions.

He voiced his concerns, highlighting the extreme discomfort experienced by riders due to the extreme heat and humidity. As the Indian Grand Prix unfolded, it underscored the importance of considering environmental factors in racing events to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants.

Pol Espargaro & Riders to Discuss Indian GP in Safety Commission

Pol Espargaro revealed that the riders will discuss the situation in the safety commission meeting and the race may be moved to a slightly later date or whatever is more convenient when the weather is not as extreme. He said:

The provisional Indian GP appears to have been pushed back to early October. This should help with the weather, but it also must be noted that India has faced an uncharacteristic heatwave this year that has led to the temperatures rising this much.

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