Dobby’s BGMI ID, stats, F/D ratio, win ratio, YouTube income, and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players are taking notice of Deepanshi “Dobby” Rawat, who recently began streaming and has shown to be a quick learner.

Dobby’s livestreams on YouTube, where she interacts with her audience, have endeared her to thousands. Thanks to her massive popularity, she is now a content creator for GodLike Esports. Dobby’s BGMI ID

Dobby's BGMI ID
Deepanshi Rawat

Dobby’s BGMI ID, stats, F/D ratio, win ratio

Dobby’s interactive livestreams on YouTube have earned her a massive fan following. Her fans often try to visit her profile in the game to send her gifts and skins.

Players can use her ID – 5535749522, or her in-game name (IGN) – GodLdobby to find her profile.

Dobby's BGMI ID, stats, F/D ratio
Dobby’s BGMI ID, stats, F/D ratio

Seasonal stats and rank

Dobby plays classic Battlegrounds Mobile India matches with her friends from GodLike Esports as well as other players in the Indian gaming community. November 20, 2022, saw the re-introduction of Cycle 3 Season 7 as a result of the restrictions on the release of new updates in the game. However, Dobby has already reached the Platinum I tier in four days, accumulating 4569 points. If she continues to play regularly, she will soon reach the Crown I tier, which she also achieved last season.

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Dobby's BGMI ID
Dobby’s BGMI ID

Dobby has played 17 classic matches (TPP Squad mode). Along with her squadmates, she has reached the top 10 in 14 of them. She also has a win ratio of 17.6%, as she has won three chicken dinners so far.

Note: Dobby's Battlegrounds Mobile India stats were recorded at the time of writing. However, since the season is in its first week, her stats are set to change in the coming days.

Additionally, Dobby dealt a total damage of 16268.1 and an average damage of 956.9. She managed to maintain an F/D ratio of 6.29 and outplayed 107 enemies.

The streamer’s skills are evident in her headshot rate of 17.8% and accuracy stat of 15.5%. She also has an average survival time of 11.9 minutes.

In the re-introduced Cycle 3 Season 7, Dobby’s best outing came in a match where she gathered 22 finishes, with 2778 damage dealt in the process.

YouTube earnings

As mentioned earlier, Dobby is currently a part of GodLike Esports as a content creator. Her primary source of income is her YouTube channel, DOBBY IS LIVE, which currently has more than 222k subscribers. She has uploaded 194 BGMI gameplay videos and vlogs to her channel so far.

Based on stats provided by Social Blade, Dobby has earned between $110 - $1.8k from her YouTube channel in the last 30 days. She has also garnered over 4.4 lakh views and 8k subscribers on her channel during the same period.

Note: Several popular streamers (including Dobby) are streaming Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) regularly. Since the Indian government has blocked the title, gamers in India are advised not to play it.

Deepanshi "Dobby" Rawat
Deepanshi “Dobby” Rawat 

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